How To Grow a Career in Litigation Support

If you're looking to grow a career in litigation support, you've got a bright future ahead of you. As a litigation support specialist, you'll be helping attorneys in litigation management and managing the large amounts of data produced in complex litigation. You'll also be assisting a litigation lawyer with courtroom software and other technologies, alongside other litigation services. You'll sometimes act as a consultant to the litigation attorney as well, providing advice and support when called for. As you can see, litigation support offers a steady and varied workload, and you'll go far if you're good at it.

Your career growth in litigation support begins with your education. In order to get good opportunities in the field of litigation support, you'll need a degree from a reputable college. While not always necessary, it's recommended that you get a degree in a related field, such as criminal law or forensic law. Education in litigation law is a major plus, as is education in information technology. If you can pursue a higher degree, go for it. The better your education, the better your chances are for a successful career in litigation support.

However, it doesn't end there. Certain skills are required to ensure a healthy career in litigation support. You'll need to be familiar with document management software, presentation software for trials, and even graphics software. You'll also need good communication skills for when you're called upon to interact with different attorneys. Since you'll be responsible for purchasing the needed software for the litigation practice, those communication skills will also come in handy when you deal with vendors. As you can see, solid expertise in information technology can go a long way in building your career in litigation support.

Excellent organizational skills will get you far in litigation support. You'll have to ensure that the attorney's business is run as smoothly as possible. A good critical mind will also aid you as you determine the best ways to assist the litigation lawyer you'll be working with. Keen attention to detail will help you run things better as well.

Recent federal laws require a large amount of electronic data to be generated and stored for legal purposes. As such, the demand for litigation support professionals has grown accordingly. Since the industry is in a constant state of evolution, litigation support technology is becoming more and more complex, increasing the number of opportunities for litigation support professionals. As long as you keep adapting to the changes that time brings, you'll be able to grow a long and fruitful career in litigation support. Constant research and education in the latest trends and technologies will help ensure that you'll be an effective litigation support professional. Read up on the things that will help you evolve along with the industry; take seminars on organizational management and information technology to further enhance your skills. With enough time and patience, you'll eventually become one of the top earners in the field of litigation support, earning up to six figures a year.


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