How To Handle a Job Counter Offer

So you’ve been interviewing in secret and you now finally have a job offer from another company that is too irresistible to pass up. however, when you tell your boss your intentions, instead of seeing you out the door, he makes you an attractive counter offer. What do you do?

Before you make a decision, weigh the pros and cons. This is a critical time in your career so proceed carefully. Take your time so you can properly handle a job counter offer.

  • Don’t think with your ego. It’s flattering to know that you boss feels you’re indispensable and goes to the lengths of offering you something lucrative to entice you to stay. However, you must still be practical. Try to remember the reasons you originally had for wanting to move. Is it because your current position has lost its challenge for your? Is it because you want more pay? Perhaps it’s because you can’t stand your boss or your co-workers so you’re now looking for a new environment. If the reasons for you wanting to move are still there, then you should pass it up. For example, if you feel there’s no growth for you career wise or you think that the company is going south, then you need to consider your alternative job offer.
  • Don’t decide on the spot. Don’t let your boss pressure you with a one time only deal. Think about what you want and ask for time to consider the offer. You need to get out of the office, go home and evaluate what you think is best for you. If you remove yourself from the high pressure environment, you’ll be able to assess the situation better.
  • Do try to negotiate a better deal. If you really want to stay with your current company but feel compelled to move because of low pay, see if the counteroffer is workable for you. If you would rather stay but want better compensation, you should try to work out something to your advantage.
  • Do be aware of backlash. If you take a counteroffer and the other employees hear about it, you may experience some negative reactions from your co-workers. Don’t think that everyone will be glad to hear of your pay raise or promotion. If you stick it out and accept the counter offer, you may find that your work environment has changed.
  • Don’t pit the two companies against each other. Don’t go to the new company and discuss the counteroffer with you in the hopes that they will make a sweeter deal for you. This is bad practice and you’ll only shoot yourself in the foot since you’ll come off as someone disloyal and looking out for your own interests. It’s not a bidding war to get you, so keep it professional.
  • Do be polite. If you still want to take the other job offer in spite of the counteroffer, say so in a respectable and professional manner. Don’t tell your boss to shove the counteroffer up his you know what. When you leave your current employer, you still need to get your back pay and your personal belongings. Leave on a high note so you can always come back if things don’t work out for you.

Don’t go looking for a job just so you can get a counteroffer from your current employer. This trick could leave you unemployed or working for a place you didn’t want to work for in the first place. If you handle your counteroffer professionally, you’ll make the best career move for you.


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