How To Handle Personality Conflicts with Co-Workers

You are weak, she has a strong personality. You are soft-spoken, she is too loud. You are a loner and she's sociable. How can you ever get along? It is understandable that since one is different from the other, you both clash. Your principles and beliefs also disagree. The list below will guide you on what to do if conflicts arise with a co-worker or in the workplace.

Keep in mind that each and every one of us is unique. This is the most basic thought that should be on your mind when handling personality conflicts. Once you realize that this is a fact, it will be easy to relate with co-workers that have conflicting personality with you.

Respect your co-worker. The difference in your personality stems from the environment you grew up to and to the parents or guardians who nurtured you. This co-worker may not agree with you because his parents taught him another perspective.

Lend an ear. Listen even if it is irritating, but know also when to stop the conversation if this person is already judging you and your personality. Listening doesn't mean that you give up who you are and what your personality is.

Learn from your co-worker. Understand the lesson that your co-worker is trying to relay, whether explicitly or implicitly. Have an open mind, and try to value his or her side. You might be surprised that your co-worker has a point. Remember that there are no exact answers in life's dilemmas.

Try to work together for the company's sake. Personality conflicts are not urgent matters that the management will look upon. It will be negative to bring up this issue to the corporate HR as well and both of you will only look like grade-schoolers on a catfight. This means, that you and your co-worker have the facility to iron things out.

Set a meeting. Discuss about the situation that has been bothering you both. You and your co-worker must compromise and learn to meet half way. Take this slowly but surely since this will not be simple. If there are times that you are both in disagreement, remind yourself and the other side the objective of this meeting and try to negotiate.

Avoid communications. If you have no interaction at all to a particular co-worker that has a bad reputation, then, merely stay away from this co-worker! Do not waste time in meddling with his office affairs. This is the best advice to give to others too. Lesser associations mean lesser confrontations, and lesser problems.

Never take sides. If the conflict is between two of your co-workers, mediate and do not forever take sides! Never allow yourself to be caught in one side especially if you do not know the issues. You can invite both of them to have lunch or snack with you so that you can help them settle their differences.

Seek your company's help. However, if you did everything you could but this person's personality is becoming a liability (such that the company is already at stake-you lose customers or you receive complaints), then it is time to put this concern to the higher level. Talk to your immediate supervisor on how it can be resolved. Leave this issue to their hands and continue with your work.


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