How To Have a Career Teaching Education Courses in College

College and university teachers have a lot on their shoulders. The standard requirements for them are so high, as they will be responsible for teaching education to politicians, bankers, economists and even teachers like themselves. Teaching courses in college isn't like teaching pre-school or the secondary levels. Teaching college is a lot more specialized. In this regard, college professors must be real experts in their field.

Below are some of things you must prepare in order to have flourishing career as a college educator:

  1. It is assumed that when you aspire for becoming a teacher in college, you must already know your field of expertise. You are definitely required to get a Master's Degree beyond your bachelor's course for this. A Master's Degree takes about two to three years to complete. Some even go further and obtain a Doctorate Degree, which takes about six more years to finish. You cannot be promoted in your work if you haven't undergone master's or doctorate studies. Master's or doctorate courses actually involve many written and oral examinations as well as countless of research work. Because college is where experts teach the future to become experts themselves, all these further studies are very important for learning.
  2. Some educators obtain further studies while working as teacher assistants at the same time. This is a good avenue to gain experience, as well as advance in your chosen career. Usually, teaching assistants work for one to two years before being assigned more work. They may be given their own small classes, or may be tasked to teaching research, or lead group discussions and laboratory exercises by the course professor. Many junior or community colleges hire teaching assistants for their classes so do not hesitate to submit your credentials to these so called "small colleges". If you want to get ahead in your career, you would always benefit from starting somewhere.
  3. Handling evening classes would also be a good way to kick off your career in teaching college. This can be part-time work for you and would serve as a good training ground for when you become a full-pledged college professor.
  4. Of course, you have to pass the teacher’s licensure exams above everything.

On average, college professors teach sixteen hours a week. Factor in the time for preparing lessons, doing consultations, guiding and advising students with their work, faculty meetings and the like, and this should take up more hours. Thus this work requires so much dedication and commitment.

As a mark of an expert and in order to earn a good reputation, many college teachers have goals of eventually getting published. While they are teaching students, their learning experience is also on going by doing continuous research for their book or future published articles.

Depending on the your field, universities have different requirements for their teaching positions. The most lucrative teaching courses are those that fall under engineering, computer science, nursing and business. There always seems to be a need for more educators and experts in these fields.


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