How To Have a Successful Career in Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise architecture involves working closely with a business's tech systems to make sure they're on the right path for making their goals. They check to see if a company is utilizing the technology that they have available. They even come up with new ways for a business to make use of its systems. 

With technology being such a large part of running a company, this career field has become more and more lucrative as of late. Want to learn how to get in on the action?

Check out this guide to find out what it takes to become an enterprise architect.

Go to School

The first step is going to school to get your education. All enterprise architects are required to at least get a bachelor's degree in computer information or some other relevant field. Getting your degree will also get you some work experience that employers will look at later. 

Many people who pursue this career path take their education one step closer. They go to school to get their master's degree. It will allow you to get some specialized instruction.

Get Your Certification 

Once you've finished your education, it's time to go for your enterprise architecture certification. There are a bunch of them out that you can get and not all of them will help push your career along. 

You're pretty much safe getting your TOGAF certification. It tests you on general information that many employers will recognize. Some of the others are optional. 

You'll need to do some research to find out which certifications are going to be the most lucrative to you. 

Gain Experience 

Most enterprise architecture careers require you to have a great deal of job experience. In some cases, years of school and certification can cancel out some of the training years you're required to have. 

If you want to go after a complicated job in the field, you will need to have at least 10 years of prior computer IT experience, though. Otherwise, you might not be able to tackle some of the challenges thrown your way. 

Applying for Roles 

Now that you've gotten your degree(s) and have plenty of computer IT training, it's time to apply to jobs. Like with any career field, you need to do a heavy amount of research on any company that you apply to. 

You also have to be able to tell them in great detail how you can change their business IT architecture. 

Have a Flourishing Career in Enterprise Architecture

Are you planning to chase a career in enterprise architecture? Like with any job, it takes a lot of experience and education to get into. You need to have extensive knowledge of all things computer IT to help a company flourish. 

As long as you follow the steps provided and get your certification, you should be able to handle anything a business has to throw at you. 

Are you looking for more ways to succeed in your chosen career field? Check out the career section of our blog daily for all the latest tips and tricks. 


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