How To Have an Affair at Work

Work can be hard and boring, but it can also be the source of a good time. Sometimes a distraction is important to get refocused on work and your life. Late night deadline cramming can now be fun if you can have an affair at work.

Working all night can get you closer to the people in your staff more than you can imagine. Release some tension in your office by injecting a little sexual energy in there. Of course, what happens in the office stays in the office. So make the best of your schedule and get close and comfortable with the people in your office.  We will show you how to have an affair at work and not be caught. Just stick with us and we will not lead you astray.

  1. Find a suitable partner. Get one of the young ambitious interns for an easy affair. They are usually game for anything anywhere. Do not think that your options end there. The boss can also be a source of your affair needs. Make sure your choice is serious, before you dive in. If she is not serious, it could lead to your termination and the possibility of getting sued. Being fired and a court appearance are usually hard to cover up from your wife.
  2. Make up an excuse. When you have an affair at work, it requires some logistics. You need to have time to have an affair and the only way you can get the time is by making excuses for being late. Overtime is one excuse but you can’t use it all the time. You can also use a buddy but be sure to let him know.  You don’t want your wife calling your buddy with him caught by surprise. Shopping is another good excuse for not being home.
  3. Get a location. The office may seem to be a suitable place because it is cheap and it is on the way, but it can lead to problems in the long run. Find a discreet place that is in the middle of an alternate route between your home and the office. This way your wife will not see your car parked at a motel in the middle of nowhere and you can go in and out to your home easily and without much hassle.
  4. Pamper your wife. Create the blissful illusion that you are having a satisfying home life even though you are banging the secretary. Send her flowers from time to time. Don’t forget to give her some loving as well. If you suddenly become tired all the time, she will notice and suspect something amiss.

Now, you have an affair at work you should now be de-stressed. Sexual release should help you perform better at work.  With your escapades in the office and quality time at home, the only thing you need time for now is sleep.


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