How To Help in Tsunami Relief

Like other people, everyone is enjoined to help disaster victims. Victims of devastation caused by tsunamis, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes need assistance from kindhearted individuals who are more fortunate than them. The recent earthquake and tsunami in many parts of Asia and Africa left many victims homeless and hopeless. To help victims, there are several organizations receiving donations for the survivors.  The guidelines given below apply not just to this natural disaster, but to making donations for other disasters such as earthquakes, mudslides, and floods which may happen in the future.

You may provide food and clean water to the victims through the Disaster Emergency Committee in UK. If you are willing to do an outreach program by feeding the victims, you may contact the United Nations World Food Program. To work especially for children and meet their urgent needs, you may extend your help through the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF.

To help victims in Indonesia and Sri Lanka by forwarding relief supplies, you may contact the UNCHR. The organization named Save the Children may be contacted if your intention is to help the children victims in Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and the Maldives.

The World Health Organization may be contacted if you want to help local health authorities in preventing disease outbreaks. Care International is also an anti-poverty organization, which can also accommodate your help for the tsunami victims. The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development can accommodate your help by providing tsunami relief such as food aid and medical assistance to victims.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent receive donations from people who want to help tsunami victims. The organizations supply crucial goods, blankets and cooking utensils to the victims. Donations of clothes, money and medicines may be forwarded to The Hindu Forum Disaster Relief Task Force. You may also forward donations through Christian Aid for the disaster victims. The organization said it needs more money to help more victims.

You can also help tsunami victims get back on their feet by sending your donations through the Christian charity Tearfund and its partners in India and Sri Lanka. Another form of assistance to tsunami victims is in the form of tents, sanitation facilities and medical supplies through the Islamic Relief Organization.

Donations and relief assistance can also be sent to YMCA's development and international relief agency. India and Sri Lanka are recipients of money sent through YMCA. The money is spent in the distribution of food, medicine and clothing.

The Islamic Aid Emergency Relief Fund also provides immediate relief to tsunami victims and people who would like to help may also send through the organization.

The Muslim Hands, another Islamic charity organization, can also receive help for the tsunami victims. Medair is providing emergency support and donations from individuals. It may be received and included in the distribution of support to the victims.

The list is only a few of the many organizations who are supporting the tsunami victims. Since it will be more expensive if we will bring to the site our small help to the tsunami victims, these organizations and agencies receive donations and pool them together for distribution to the tsunami victims. Your help will reach the intended recipients.


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