How To Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Michigan

Everyone is prone to car accidents. No matter how careful a driver you are, you may still meet an accident because of other motorists on the road; or while you strictly impose upon yourself not to drive under the influence of drugs or liquor, there will always be someone out there who doesn’t take the same precaution, thus resulting in accidents.

If you are in Michigan and you are involved in a car accident, immediately after checking your health and safety, consider hiring a car accident attorney. The personal injury you may have suffered will vary in degree but nonetheless, whether it is a major or minor injury you have, make sure you find out your rights and you are indemnified properly.

Laws regarding car accident cases vary in every state. Michigan laws are not exactly the same as those in Chicago, Houston and New York. Therefore the best lawyer that you can hire to take care of your car accident case is someone who is well versed with car accident cases in Michigan.

Here are some tips in hiring a car accident lawyer in Michigan:

  1. Ask for referrals from people you know who have similar experiences. If you find someone whose lawyer successfully worked for the claims, ask who his attorney is. You may want to work with said lawyer.
  2. There are some attorneys who make themselves readily available by posting advertisements on newspapers and television. Directories can also help you in your search. You may get names of attorneys from these sources, their addresses and contact numbers for possible consultation.
  3. Make sure that the car accident lawyer you are hiring is knowledgeable and well experienced. This is important because your lawyer has to exhaust all remedies for you to be able to claim both First Party and Third Party Claims.
  4. Go over the credentials of the attorney you are going to hire. Is he an honest law practitioner? When did he start practicing as a lawyer? What is his reputation in court litigations? Is he popular?
  5. If you are considering hiring a certain lawyer, make a personal appointment with him. Some lawyers entertain consultations on the telephone. However it will be much better if you meet him face-to-face so that you will be able to discuss your problem more thoroughly. Moreover you can evaluate the lawyer’s competence when you talk to him personally by observing his physical gestures, his language and manners.
  6. Don’t hesitate to discuss the fees on first meeting. Compensation is a major issue in a lawyer-client relationship. So to avoid misunderstanding or miscommunication about the lawyer’s salary, tackle this matter with him honestly and openly.
  7. Build a connection with your lawyer. No matter how intelligent and skilled your car accident lawyer is, if you don’t have a good rapport with him, your work relationship will suffer.

To conclude, when purchasing a car insurance you should have a foresight on the possibility of needing a car accident lawyer later on. Hence make inquiries now and then to avoid the inconvenience of looking for an attorney while you are suffering from the aftermath of an accident.


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