How To Hire a Software Designer

So you have a great idea and want software designed for it. You should know whether your software can be designed by one or two individuals or you need a large team for it. You can post it on any of the freelance websites and will probably have hundreds of people bidding for it. Some have attractive pricing and some have enormous previous projects and experience to back them. First off, you have to make sure your idea is clear enough for the software designer to make and implement your software. Then you must go in for a series of interactions or interviews with the prospective software designer to know if he fully understands your requirements. Last is settling on the cost that would be involved.

You need someone who can understand the purpose and specification of your software. You need to find someone who can solve your problem and plan a solution effectively without your having to go back to looking for someone else to start all over again or fix your new problems.

There are many individuals who have the requisite qualifications to deliver the software structure you want. However, there are also several individuals who have by virtue of working hands on without a professional / educational qualification who can design your software just as effectively if not more so.

From your end, you need to know what software you want and what it can do. Many times people hire software designers without being clear about the output to be expected. This could be disaster both for you and the software designer. Some of the key considerations are:

  • Function and use of the software.
  • Input options.
  • Output options.
  • Standalone programs or programs that will interface with other programs.
  • User interface.
  • Application.
  • Clear expectation of the outcome.

Your software designer should be made aware of how he will fulfill your requirements so that there is no discrepancy or confusion in the final software. Make sure your software designer knows whether your project is a small one or a large project.

Remember that when your software is finally delivered, you must test it fully to your satisfaction before consummating the transaction between you and your software designer. Try and work along with your software designer while your software is being designed. Make him understand that you are interested in noting whether he is making your software to your specification without being too intrusive. He will understand that he will not have to unravel his planning at a later stage.

Last but not the least; make sure you own the software – its trademark, copyright, patent – you commissioned someone else to design. It is your intellectual property. At the very least, a contract between your software designer exists which gets him to acknowledge who owns the software. What might seem like a small idea when you conceived it might be the next revolution in the software industry or make a difference to the world! 


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