How To Hire Telemarketers

Every company relies on leads and sales for survival. The more sales the higher the profit. One way to achieve or even surpass the sales target of any company is by implementing an aggressive telemarketing campaign. This will allow you to directly contact every potential customer out there and market your company’s products and services. While many people view telemarketing as an intrusion of privacy, it is still one of the most effective ways to sell stuff. If you think a telemarketing campaign suits your company’s needs, then the first thing you will have to do is hire and train telemarketers. Here are some tips on how to go about it.

  • Post the ads. Telemarketing is a revolving activity where you will constantly need to hire telemarketers to replace those that have been fired due to poor performance. Yes, the employee turnover is high here. Hence, posting constant and continuous job ads is crucial. You can take out an ad in newspapers or you can post online at the various job sites available such as and the like. When posting the ad, make sure to stress the skills and traits needed for the job such as excellent telephone communication skills and etiquette and a good command of English or any other relevant language.
  • Interview by phone. As soon as you post the ad, tons of applications and resumes will start filling your email inbox. Peruse each one and call up the candidates that have passed the initial scrutiny. The phone interview is crucial since it will allow you to get an initial feel of the candidate such as the speaking voice, fluency of the required language, and if the candidate possesses good phone etiquette. Furthermore, you can find out if the candidate is truly interested in the position. Of course, you will have to explain a little more about the job and what it entails. If the candidate is interested and passes your initial interview, then you can include him in the shortlist and schedule him for a formal face to face interview.
  • Conduct the face to face interview. If the candidate shows up on time for the interview, then proceed and start out by asking him questions regarding the tidbits listed on his resume. Focus on previous telemarketing experience should the candidate be seasoned in the field. Ask about his previous employer, what he did there, and why he left. Ask him about his accomplishments during his previous work tenure as well as his propensity to handle calls with irate and angry customers. If the job entails working at unholy hours of the night, then make sure to ask him if he is amenable to it.
  • Conduct the test. If the candidate passes the initial face to face interview, have him proceed with testing. The testing will basically involve you providing him a script and having him read it aloud similar to how he should do it on the phone. This simple test will let you assess his reading and verbal skills. If possible, simulate a call with the telemarketer and see him workout various situations that commonly pop up with most callers.

Hire those you think are worthy. However, inform them that they are on probationary status until they pass the training sessions and perform up to par on the floor. Make sure to explain that this job is based on performance. This means that if they do not perform consistently as expected, they will eventually lose the job.


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