How To Identify a Witch

Witches have a bad reputation in history. Many religions have scorned and persecuted witches. These women are often portrayed in literature as ugly, toothless, evil and malicious. They are the bad characters in fairy tales and in the olden times were considered the cause of bad harvests, disease and other ill fortune.

This is of course an unfair assumption on witches since there are Wiccan practitioners that do good work. Witches may act different or have an altered perception of the earth and the world in general, but they are still human beings. Simply because they are different from the norm, they have been maligned and mistreated.

Modern day witches are those who practice the ancient Wiccan belief system. It you want to be able to identify a modern day witch, here are some things you can look out for.

  • Don’t go by appearance. So what if you see someone who has a crooked nose or warts on her face? She may have a humped back but it doesn’t make her a witch. These are old stereotype drawings from fairy tales. So don’t bother looking for a broomstick, the black pointed hat and a cauldron by the fireplace. Modern day witches look just like everyone else and hold normal jobs just like the rest of the population. It is simply in their belief system that they are different. However, it is not different from a Christian who believes in God and a Muslim who believes in Allah.
  • Listen to her thoughts on the female divinity of God. When you talk to her, you may notice the way she refers to God. Witches can refer to God as Lady just as some believers refer to him as Lord.
  • Observe her respect for nature. The Wiccan belief is based on the power of the earth. There is a strong sense of connectedness with nature and the earth. Although an environmental activist isn’t necessarily a witch, she can be one if she believes in the Wiccan practice.
  • She wears a pentacle. Just like many Christians wear a cross or those of the Jewish faith wear the Star of David, many modern day witches wear a pentacle. This is a five-pointed star that is enclosed in a circle. If you see a woman wearing a pentacle, don’t be afraid.
  • See if she lights a white candle. A white candle is a symbol of purity. It can help focus the energy of a person and clear up mental clutter. In her personal space or even at her office desk, you may notice a white candle that she lights during stressful times.
  • Look for an altar in the home. This sacred space is where witches keep their tools such as an athame or knife, some incense, a bowl of salt, candles, a bell, a small cauldron and a wand.
  • Check if she uses incense. Many belief systems use incense since it has long been held to clear up the energy of a space. Patchouli is a common one that is used
  • Look for an animal. A cat is often the pet of choice of modern day witches.

Of course, these aren’t clear indicators that someone is a witch. The best way to find out is to ask the person. However, you may not always get an open answer since some witches prefer to practice in private and may be afraid of the censure if they come out in public.

These may help you identify a modern day witch, but remember to withhold judgment and be accepting of all people, regardless of their belief system and appearance.


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