How To Impersonate Elvis Presley

American rock and roll icon Elvis Presley is one of the most impersonated celebrities up to this day. His music and his legend live on in spite of being dead for several decades now. If you’re a fan of the king of rock and roll, there are many resources for you to use to make your impersonation as authentic as possible.

Here’s how to impersonate Elvis Presley:

  • Watch old video footage. Learn the King’s moves by watching Elvis’ old concerts and performances. If you want to learn to move and dance like Elvis, copy what you see. You can download old videos on YouTube or purchase DVD collections on Amazon. To learn more about how to impersonate Elvis, you can also include in your research pictures and literature from books such as “Be Elvis” by Rick Marino and “Just Pretending,” which was authored by Kurt Burrows.
  • Practice makes it perfect. Stand in front of the mirror so you can work on your dance moves. Gyrate your hips just like the King. It helps to do this in front of the mirror so you can see yourself and assess how similar your moves are. It will also take away your embarrassment when you see yourself performing.
  • Do the talk. Use a low voice when you talk. Have a slight drawl. After all, Elvis was a good old Southern boy. While you’re talking, you may as well practice your pipes. Listen to his CD’s so you can imitate his intonation and pronunciation. Elvis has a very distinct style of singing. As you sing and talk, be sure to curl your lips just right.
  • Buy the costume. Find Elvis outfits at costumes stores, eBay and other online retailers. The more flamboyant, the better. His most famous outfit is the white glittered ensemble studded with multiple rhinestones with a cape. A jumpsuit is most popular, but try to be in good shape when you wear it. The collar has to be sharp and pointed and the pants have to be bell bottoms. Don’t forget his boots.
  • Don’t forget the accessories. Carry a microphone with you. Wear the large frame aviator sunglasses. Wear gold jewelry as well as the white or red studded cape.
  • Do the 'do. Grow sideburns and style your hair in a bouffant manner. Get a picture of Elvis. You will need to grow your hair a bit so you can style it in a similar fashion. You need to become a brunette if you want to be like Elvis. There are no blond Elvis Presleys around (you may end up looking like Jerry Lee Lewis instead). If you can’t grow your hair to look like Elvis, purchase a wig.

You can impersonate Elvis Presley for fun or to make some cash. There are even professional impersonators who will do it to make money or make a living out of it. A good impersonator will quickly grab people’s attention, especially since the image of Elvis is one of the most recognized in the world. If you would like to take your impersonation to the next level, you can join the elite group of Elvis Impersonators. You can enter contests!


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