How To Impress with Business Etiquette

Each workplace may have its own practices and norms, but knowing your business etiquette will distinguish you as a cut above the rest whether you’re an employee or employer. The following guidelines will not only impress, but will also grab people’s attention to respect you more.

  • Introduce properly. There is a way to introduce seniors to juniors and vice-versa. Introduce the less important person to the more significant person or you may choose that the more significant person receives the introduction to the less important person.
  • Give firm handshakes. The way you give a handshake expresses a part of your character. If your handshake is loose and light, this could be taken that you are not serious. If you give a tight handshake, (not too forceful as it can be interpreted as aggression) it conveys that you are downright serious with business. Make good eye contact along with the handshake to show sincerity.
  • Be knowledgeable on your company and your client’s company. Like they say, knowledge is power. Knowing the history and credentials of your company is just as vital as knowing the history and credentials of your client’s company. Such information comes in handy especially in meetings and negotiations where you may be able to use this to your advantage.
  • Be polite and cordial. Whether you’re the big boss or an employee, being polite and cordial to others significantly increases you amicability. This will help ensure smooth relations with everyone in the office. Besides, who doesn’t want to be liked be everyone?
  • Always be prepared. Last minute meetings and appointments happen. Corrupted files happen and technical difficulties happen. For all the circumstances mentioned and more, it’s vital to be prepared for the unexpected. Submit your work in advance as much as possible and remember to save your files not only in your hard drive but also in a flash disk. Don’t review projects only a day before or on the day of a meeting but try to know it by heart at all times.
  • Punctuality is key. Even if others are perpetually tardy this does not excuse you to come in late too. Reporting on time shows that you are a disciplined person and shows that you are someone that can be relied on. This goes for both employees and employers. As an employee, your punctuality sets an example for your officemates. As an employer, your punctuality shows that you practice what you preach.
  • Remember your manners. When dealing with officemates and clients, don’t forget to say “Thank you,” “Please” or even “Sorry” when appropriate and necessary. These words express respect and in turn, you will be respected. Manners also extend to common courtesy such as allowing elders to go ahead of you in an elevator or saying “Excuse me” when you are passing a stuffy hallway.

Your days at work may make most of your daily life so know that there are times when you should take things with a smile. Don’t get too worked up that you forget that as much as business etiquette and business itself is important, it isn’t the end all and be all of your existence.


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