How To Improve Your Songwriting Skills

There is a certain unexplainable feeling that comes from writing songs that cannot be fully explained. Being able to tell a story or express emotions through music gives the songwriter the perfect medium to convey a message to the listeners. For centuries, the best songwriters have tried to come up with their own formulas to create music that touch people, awaken emotions, and remain memorable through the years. To be able to do that, certain skills need to be developed and honed. There are certainly some people who seem to be born with the talent of making great music, and that is a good thing. But it does not necessarily mean that someone who, a bit later in life, discovers he loves to write music does not stand a chance to do well in the field. Any experienced songwriter will tell you that it takes lot of heart and a lot of work to come up with really good songs. Here are a few techniques to advance in your songwriting skills:

  • Take a good look at everything you have been through in your life, the lowest and the highest points. Past experiences are good themes for songs. It is much easier to write about something you can relate to, something you’ve been through. A great number of the most beautiful songs are products of the writer’s personal joys and pains. If you have felt it and can use your song to convey it, you listeners will be able to feel it too.
  • Look for inspiration, whether it be one particular person, a special place, or any other thing that may have touched your life one time or another. This could be the main subject of your song. Music that is written from the heart is always good music. Think of melodies that could bring your inspiration to life. Come up with lyrics that best describe your feelings about the subject you are writing about.
  • Listen to different kinds of music. Try to analyze their aesthetic value. Do not limit yourself to a single type. You must broaden your horizon and learn from everything you hear. You might find a piece that will give you added inspiration to create your own song.
  • Talk to other songwriters. Ask for advice. Find out what it takes to create a good song. You could get certain ideas that will help you to further enhance your skills in songwriting.
  • Learn how to play a musical instrument. The piano is one of the best tools that can help you write your songs. If you have come up with some kind of melody, do a recording and listen to yourself to hear how you sound. Better still, ask other people to listen to your recording and gather their thoughts. Do not be afraid of criticism. This will help you to improve on your skills even more. Ask friends to be completely honest and tell you exactly what they think of your song.

It is very important that you have the passion for what you are doing. Without it, a song will be completely meaningless. Music is all about emotions. You must be able to reach out to others and create an emotional impact on them. When your listeners are able to experience the emotions you felt when you were writing your song, you are on your way to becoming a really good songwriter.


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