How To Include a Cover Letter When Applying for Jobs Online

Looking for a job is not that easy because you are effectively selling yourself to the company on your skills, knowledge, and abilities. Once you have found the job that you want, and the job can be applied for online, you have to do what you can to impress them.

Be at your very best from the very beginning. And the starting point of your application would be your professional cover letter that should be sent with your resume. There are companies that really scrutinize the details of your resume especially your records and experience.

However, there are also some companies that base your acceptance on how you present yourself, even if it is online. Here are the steps on how you should create your cover letter.

  • Job posting: You should carefully go over the job posting for this will give you a good idea on how the resume and cover letters should be written. Some companies may have strict policies on how the cover letter should be formatted and what information you need to include.
  • Cover letter: The body of the email should indicate your cover letter and attached to it is your resume. But if you wish to separate your cover letter from the resume you are sending, you can also do your cover letter in word processor and make sure to save it on a .txt file.
  • Information included: Do not forget to address the company you are applying for in your cover letter. If you are sending your cover letter separately, you should indicate your name, address, and contact information at the top page. But if you are sending through the body of the email, you may indicate this information at the close of the letter right after your name.
  • Be specific: You should indicate the job that you want for yourself. This will make it easier for the company to match you with the positions that they have available. Also, do not forget to include the information on where you found out about the job opening. It could have been an ad, a friend, or a website.
  • Educational attainment and work experience: Include your work experience, education, and skills matter to the company you are applying to because this can be their basis for your acceptance. State also the reason why you are interested in getting that job and why you think that position is best for you.
  • Close of the letter: As you end your cover letter, you should indicate the date when you can start working if ever you are accepted for the position. Also, mention that you have other documents attached. This ensures that they won't just ignore all the documents that you have attached to your letter. In closing the letter, you should thank them for their consideration and time and if their contact number is available, you may wish to mention that you can make follow-up calls to them after few weeks.

As outlined above, your cover letter is the first point of contact between you and your prospective employer. Because of this, you should do your best in your cover letter. Your cover letter will lay the foundation of your career.


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