How To Increase Singing Endurance

Singing is an art that requires a lot of stamina because of its need for the proper breathing techniques in being able to deliver a song well. Many great singers did not start off with powerful voices. The ability to sing may be inborn but it takes a lot of work to be able to sustain and add power to the voice. A lot of practice goes into achieving one’s staying power when it comes to song deliveries.

If you feel that your voice is quite weak, it may only mean that you will need to exercise those vocal chords more. When your resistance is low, you may also notice that you have difficulty in singing, even if you are a professional vocalist. Having a good voice teacher will certainly be an advantage but there are some things you can do on your own to help you with your singing. Here are a few of those methods:

  • Stay healthy. First of all, to be able to increase your singing endurance, you must be healthy and fit. This means that you need to eat healthy and live healthy. Lack of rest and sleep are one of the major factors that weaken a singer. If you lack sleep, either you experience hoarseness or will find great difficulty trying to hit those notes. This is why professional singers always make sure that they get enough sleep before a performance. If you are determined to remain this field for a long time, you must take responsibility for taking good care of your vocal chords. Eat the right kind of food and drink lots of water. Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol too.
  • Do warm up exercises. Vocalizations are a must. Make it a part of your daily regimen. If you hear people say they sing in the shower, then they have developed a good habit. This is a good way to practice your vocal chords. Besides, the acoustics in enclosed areas such as bathrooms make your voice sound much better. This will surely inspire you to sing more and stretch your vocal chords even further.
  • Do not shout when you sing. It is funny that some people actually believe that the gauge of a good singer is how loud he or she can sing those songs. The power from your voice will come naturally as you continue to practice. Shouting will strain your throat and you may end up losing your voice.
  • Get into other physical activities that will increase your stamina. Running is a good exercise that not only keeps you healthy but will help you greatly in building up your singing endurance. You could get into aerobics classes as well. Another effective technique is practicing yoga. This is because yoga focuses a lot on developing proper breathing methods, which is a very essential factor in singing.

Listen to great singers and try to emulate them. Be very careful though when choosing your songs. Singers have vocal ranges that are suitable for specific types of music. You will need to find yours. You must always be comfortable with what you are singing to be able to do it well. Singing beyond your range will not only damage your vocal chords but can sound pretty awful, too.

With proper exercises and healthy habits, you can stretch your vocal chords and be able to sing your heart out without losing your breath.


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