How To Increase Trumpet Playing Endurance

The trumpet is an elegant musical instrument that many people the world over have learned how to play. Soft and sweet or loud and exciting, you can truly make beautiful music, however you like, with this instrument.

The best trumpet players however, must practice and learn daily and be committed to the cause to be able to play the most beautiful and complex pieces. Thus, it is very important that you work on both your skill and endurance. Here is how to increase trumpet playing endurance:

  • Be physically fit. If you play sports, you have to make sure that your body is ready and capable of performing at an elite level. Playing the trumpet and being a musician may not be the same thing as being an athlete and playing baseball or basketball, but it follows the same principle mentioned earlier, that your body needs to be in top form. Avoid putting all of the bad stuff in your body such as fatty foods and alcohol. Smoking can damage your lungs, leaving you winded if you try to play. No, you do not need bulging muscles to play the trumpet, but being strong enough to carry your instrument and keep still for long periods of time will help.
  • Play the right way. Make sure you are properly playing your instrument. Self-taught musicians may develop bad habits. You need to make sure that you are correctly and appropriately working your trumpet. Avoid taking shortcuts and doing things “your way.” It helps to have good form and follow time-tested techniques that have been implemented throughout the years.
  • Conditioning. Learn how to play even when you are tired. Go through long practice sessions and monitor your performance, especially in the latter stages. Simulating long concerts and practicing even when you are tired will help you get better and ready you for even the most tiring nights. Push your skills to the limit and tax yourself to perform even when you do not want to. The best can go on when others cannot.
  • Exercises. If you want to get better at playing your trumpet and increase your endurance, do these exercises to improve your skills. Start with lip buzzes without your trumpet, only pretending that you have your instrument. This is an excellent way to build up your chops. Do these exercises and more to increase your endurance. Next, try practicing holding a note for as long as you can. The longer you can hold it without pitch fluctuations, the better you will become. Also try playing as quietly and softly as possible, which makes it harder for you to play. This way, the next time you play normally, you will find it easier. You can also practice your lip slurs and playing on your skills to improve your endurance.
  • Continue practicing. Always practice. There is no other way to become better at anything, let alone trumpet playing than spending more and more time developing your skills. Increasing endurance means being at the top of your game and you can only do that by making sure that everything is in order: your body, your mind and, most importantly, your skill.

Increasing your trumpet playing endurance will take a lot of dedication and hard work, because no one gets better overnight. Even prodigies, those savants capable of the most stirring performances must hone their skill night in and night out to truly become the best. Follow the tips above and make sure you devote enough time to it and your trumpet playing should get a lot better.


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