How To Interview a House Painter

When you need to get your house painted, it’s important that you hire the right people to do the job. Although there are many contractors available for hire, you want to go with someone with a lot of experience, who is professional and who will do it for a reasonable fee. The way you can assess this is through an interview.

If you’re interviewing a house painter for your home project, here are some important things you need to ask.

  • What is the scope of the work and how much is the charge? Tell the painter what needs to be painted then ask what is his charge. Is it per square meter or by room? You need to ask the fee of the contractor plus what is included. What technique will he use? Will he be using a spray painter or he roll brush everything? How many people will be assigned to paint your home? Usually, there will be at least two people who will do the job.
  • What is the estimated time of completion? This is an important question to ask because you want the work done within a reasonable time frame. Find out what happens if he doesn’t complete the painting in the promised time frame. The completion date should include cleanup and disposal of materials. How many hours a day will they work? Are weekends included in this estimate?
  • How much experience do you have? How long has he been in business? If the business has been around for a long time, you have some assurance that they will do quality work. However, don’t discount newer operations since they may be able to give you a better rate and will try harder in order to establish a book of business.
  • Do you have liability insurance? If the contractor is a legitimate business, he should be registered and should have some liability insurance. Ask about safety protocol with his employees. Ask what happens if they damage your property in the process of getting the work done. You need some reassurance that in case there’s an accident on your property, the contractor will take care of it. If the contractor you are using is working "under the table," you have to remember that you hire him at your own risk.
  • Can you give me references of your previous employers? Ask about the experience of the actual people who will be assigned to paint your home. When you get the names of the clients, do make the effort to call and ask them about their experience with the particular painter. When you check references, you may also want to check the Better Business Bureau and find out if there are any complaints against the contractor.

When you find a contractor you like, you must make sure to get everything in writing. Protect yourself and your property now by taking the necessary precautions before you sign the dotted line and pay up. By conducting a proper interview with a potential house painter, you’ll have the reassurance that you are choosing the best worker for your home.


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