How To Interview for a Research Job

Though your resume can appear to be too impressive for a company’s research job opportunity, it is not enough to help them decide to hire you all the way. You still need to undergo an interview, which will help the company determine if your resume speaks truly of you and if you are really qualified for the job in question. Though the interview may not last too long, it always is hard to pass it especially if you are not prepared for it.

Therefore, if you really wish to impress the company, it is important that you do your best to get ready for the interview. Your actions, appearance, and words during the short interview process can affect their decisions in hiring you or not. So to help you guarantee a sure interview success, here are some tips to take note of:

  • Know the company more. It is essential that you know the background of the company so that you can prepare for answers that will interest them the most. Research the company details through checking out their website. Care to read about the company’s history as well as their mission and objectives.
  • Know the description of the research position. Job listings are usually advertised with qualifications and duties for the position. Analyze these details and see highlights in your trainings, skills, and experiences that make you qualified for the job.
  • Come up with possible questions that may be asked during the interview. Most job interviews are similar in the sense that all companies wish to know how appropriate you are for the position. Think of questions and prepare responses for them as well. Questions that may be included for an interview for a research position include "What are your research experiences?" and "What research programs have you already used?"
  • Dress up appropriately. Make sure you come to the interview dressed up professionally and fifteen minutes ahead of the schedule. Doing both these will give your interviewer a positive impression.
  • Answer questions honestly. Focus your attention on the questions being thrown to you. Then, answer each question in relation to the goals and mission of the company. If you are asked about experiences or skills, focus on discussing your experiences that are in relation with what is needed by the company. All throughout the duration of the interview, make sure to establish eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Ask questions. If given a chance, ask questions to the interviewer about the company as well as its projects. Doing this will let your interviewer recognize that you are serious about being a part of the company and you are interested in the job.

Your performance during an interview will always determine whether you get the research job or not. Hence, if you are really serious about getting the job, make a great effort in preparing for it and doing well during the interview. As you know, employers will hire not on the basis of what is written in your resume. They will hire you on the basis of believing and seeing personally that you are fit for the company and for the job as well.


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