How To Interview for a Retail Merchandising Job

Retail merchandising jobs require applicants to be well versed in the world of retail merchandising.  From visual merchandising down to the nitty-gritty area of economics, from marketing all the way to retail operations, an applicant should have a sense of all these.  If you have all these and have applied for a retail merchandising position, then you can do well if you are well versed on how to get the interview to tip in your favor.  Here are some vitals that you need to know.

  • Do your due diligence.  No matter what industry you are in or what job you are aiming for, if you are lucky enough to get a call for an interview for the job you applied for, then make sure you go to that interview prepared for it.  This means that you will need to research about the company offering the position.  Make sure to know each and every merchandise they are moving and retailing.  Make sure to be aware of their retail marketing campaigns.  Your interviewer will look on you at a more positive light if you can show him what you know.
  • Be on time.  Alright, this tip is pretty much common sense.  Nevertheless, it is still worth mentioning since many people still neglect the positive effect of showing up in an interview early or on time.  Remember, most employers will never hire anyone that can’t observe an appointed schedule unless of course, you are able to pull off a miracle of sorts.  In any case, it is important to be on time for the interview.  As much as possible, try to be around 15 minutes early.
  • Prepare and bring your portfolio.  Bringing along your portfolio filled with the past projects that you have worked on.  Obviously, the things you place in here should be relevant to the world of retail merchandising.  Include photos in your portfolio along with the various documents explaining each project.  Make sure to explain the details of each project if the interviewer decides to look through it.
  • Impress your interviewer with knowledge in retail merchandising.  Retail merchandising is a sort of specialized field, which means that the more things you know about the business; the better it will be for you during an interview.  This being said, make sure to prepare yourself for questions about the whole economics, business, and marketing side of retail merchandising.  If possible, try to design and develop some strategies to improve the company’s existing efforts.  This will surely impress any interviewer which an increase your chances getting picked for the job.
  • Show your social skills.  Retail merchandising jobs are becoming more and more customer oriented.  This means that most positions may require customer interaction.  This being said, make sure to show your social and customer service skills to your interviewer.  This will only bode well for your efforts.

During the interview, make sure to take your time and think before answering each question thrown at you.  This is not considered a negative.  Some interviewers may even appreciate a candidate who knows how to ponder on things before producing a proper and effective response.  At the same time, if you need to ask a question, do not hesitate one bit.


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