How To Keep E-mail Privacy in a Cubicle

While working at an office you should know the importance of keeping a safe level of privacy in your cubicle. You might be concerned about things such as e-mails that you would consider as sensitive material, these e-mails may or may not contain confidential information about you or your company but should be kept private by any means. It's no secret that when working next to a number of cubicles, someone will have wandering eyes and perhaps take a look over at your computer monitor and catch a glimpse of your activities. Here are a few simple measures on how to ensure a comfortable level of privacy at your cubicle while at work.

  1. When stepping away from your cubicle, make sure that you properly minimize all open programs that may contain information not meant to be seen by curious onlookers. As simple as it may be, you can prevent anyone from reading your e-mails while away from your work area or occupied with another task.
  2. Another good idea is to log off your computer, adding an even greater level of privacy to your work. As with this step you can prevent the direct attempt to open your e-mails by anyone, they will need to know your password to log back into your account to have access to your work or files that you may have been working on. This is a practice that you should get into the habit of doing every time you step away for whatever reason.
  3. Consider adding a privacy screen filter to your monitor, this will restrict the viewing angle to your own. Anyone passing by will be unable to see what activities are going on your computer, stopping the eavesdropping of data. You can purchase any of these screen filters at a computer shop or online store.
  4. Position your PC within your cubicle in a way that it faces away from all openings or possible viewing angles. Rearranging your work area as to not allow anyone to have a direct view of your monitor is a great step to ensuring e-mail or work privacy in any scenario. In conjunction with the screen filter you can also stop your neighbor from taking a peek if that were the case.
  5. A last measure would be to clear your inbox from time to time, especially if you are stepping out of your cubicle. While not the most practical or convenient way, you can ensure your privacy from any type of intrusion.

Always use caution when opening e-mails that have sensitive material. With these steps, you can ensure that you keep e-mail privacy a priority in your cubicle.


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