How To Keep from Being Fired

We are living in uncertain economic times.  Countless individuals have already lost their jobs due to business closings or downsizing.  There are many people who may still have their job at the moment, but have heard rumors of lay-offs.  If you happen to be one of those people, there are things you can do to make yourself more indispensable to your boss.

  • Show up at work.  If you are in a job that offers days off as a benefit, think very carefully before you use a day.  It is probably not a good time to take “mental health days.”  Show your boss that you are a conscientious employee. Go to work on time, and don’t leave early. You may be sure that employers who are facing the prospect of having to terminate employees are watching and observing their habits.
  • Be visible about doing your job.  Let your employer see you doing what you are paid to do, and more.  Make sure he or she sees you there when you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing.
  • Take on extra duties.  You want your employer to know that you are a vital asset to the company.  Volunteer for extra work or projects.  Make sure, however, that you can complete them to the boss’s satisfaction.  Don’t take on so much that it jeopardizes the quality of your normal work load.
  • Be on the job at all times during your work day.  As tempting as it is to take a stress-down break during the afternoon and check your personal e-mail, or Facebook, or to play a game of Solitaire on the computer – don’t.  An employer, who is teetering on the brink of laying you off, will surely fall over the edge if he sees you with time to kill.  A busy employee is a vital employee.
  • Keep your mouth shut.  Do not be guilty of spreading negativity about or among your co-workers.  Take the high road and stay blameless.  Those who try to make others look bad will only end up making themselves look worse.  Resist the urge to spread around tidbits of gossip to which you might be privy.  Employers appreciate confidentiality.

Sometimes excellent employees lose their jobs along with the slackers.  If this should happen to you, do not burn bridges.  Say the right thing and walk away.  Who knows what could happen?  Your boss may get a chance to hire you back into a better position, or you may need him or her for a job reference.  The way you handle being fired could make a huge difference for you down the road.  So don’t waste the opportunity to make a good last impression, just for the sake of a few minutes of satisfaction.


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