How To Keep up Morale in the Workplace

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Building employee morale takes a daily effort in boosting, calming, and addressing matters of the nerves from employees and that comes from the management team. The constant communication, involvement, participation and open-door policy, will help increase morale in the workplace. Here's how to work on the morale at your office.

Building employee morale takes the management listening and engaging employees with all sincerity. Employees are still people and have daily struggles perhaps even with meeting deadlines, quotas, or other issues that could affect the morale of the office.  However with sincerity and genuine concern shown through management, the morale starts getting boosted. Employees talk to one another regularly; eventually the sincerity of concern, while maintaining the workplace, will boost morale.

Management is often seen as lined offices along the back row of an office building. In order to increase employee morale to the next level, the act of involvement means management on the floor and sharing an open-door policy. Management is every bit susceptible to critical reviews, hard times, and feeling down in workplace morale themselves; however, being on the floor with employees allows communication and interaction. Bonds of employee morale begin to boost since employees realize that the manger who is leading them struggles just as they do, but is there in the trenches with them.

Once the effort from management takes effect, morale boosters are the next tools. Morale boosters are creative brain storming exercises from the management team. The management team has the need to engage the office further for the morale dynamics to take shape. Essentially morale boosters are team efforts. Team efforts designated for the purpose of continuing the communication and open-door policy. Team efforts consist of coordinating pot luck lunches, decorating the office for a holiday, providing mental health hour leave (free of charge PTO time), or just taking a moment to bring in donuts. Morale boosters depend on the office budget, but it is a powerful tool to use to maintain morale in the workplace.

There is a final and essential aspect that needs to be remembered when building employee morale. Management must realize that when employees share confidential information that complaints must still go up the ladder and not addressed at the floor level.

While this tool varies from the size of a business, workplace management has a moral obligation to address matters of concern in private, and without using knowledge gained from working on the floor. The trenches get to be tough at times especially with juggling multiple functions. However, to maintain workplace morale this is essential. The management on the floor cannot have favorites or convey a favorite. The absolute need is to be objective, helpful, sincere, and pay attention to all actions and functions. This does allow management the overall knowledge of what needs to be addressed at the weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings to divert any office "disasters."


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