How To Know What Others Think

Communication is most commonly believed to be an activity of verbal language, but words can often deceive and mislead. For maximum understanding of human behavior that transcends social falsehoods, you may learn to pick up body cues and signals that are sure to get to the heart of the truth every time.

The art of reading body language is a discipline that requires a lot of time for study, no different than learning a verbal language. The unique feature of body signals is that they transcend all verbal languages and most cultures, for an accurate reading almost anywhere in the world. To begin a study of the movement of man, try to focus on simple situations such as sitting down for an employment interview or reading the cues given in a personal relationship.

Some simple cues to watch for to ensure the party you are speaking with is truly responsive to you include:

Crossed legs. When the crossed leg is pointing in your direction, you have their favor. When its crossed away from you, they have retreated.

When sitting across from someone, watch to see if their upper body leans forward when speaking to you. This indicates that they are engaged and are moving towards you.

Folded arms across the chest. This gesture is a subliminal way of shutting you out. The crossed arms have long been thought to be a simple stance of relaxation, but be sure it is not. It’s a defense mechanism that screams, "I don't accept you or what you are saying".

One valuable signal is to know when someone is lying to you, and this may be best observed by what the person does, rather than what they say. Be on the lookout for eyes that dart away when they affirm a statement to be true. Also, you will find them to touch their nose or face at the moment of deception, as this is a sign of an uncomfortable moment and a way to divert from their verbal language.

And finally, if you really want to know if that guy or gal is attracted to you, watch closely for the movement in the pupil of their eyes. If you see them dilate when they look at you, it is a surefire signal that they like what they see.

The study of body language is an art that everybody can benefit from, from simple daily life situations to work relationships. Learn the tricks of the trade and zero in on your sales client's behavior to give yourself the upper hand during a presentation. In addition, many gestures are picked up unaware by people, and you may wish to hone your skills to send out positive messages, whether it is for a desired relationship or the opportunity to close a deal.


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