How To Know what to Expect with Concert Tour Jobs

Before going to concert tour jobs, you may want to know how profitable concert tours can be. This depends upon the performers. If the major artists are to perform, fans will surely not wait for the next day to buy their tickets. Unbelievably, tickets to the concert of major performers can be sold out in a matter of minutes.

However, you might be wondering about the fate of those artists who are still quite distant from stardom. You will definitely need to consider how complicated their concert tours can be and how you can work with them. It is very important for you to know what to expect in concert tour jobs before you actually decide to handle one.

Before going on a concert tour, you must undergo the initial planning stage and understand the complications of having a concert tour. The first thing that you need to realize is that you are undoubtedly ready to go out for the tour. You should be ready with the necessary materials for the concert performance, the reason to go for a concert tour such as a new CD promotion, and strong response from fans that they want to see you on concert tours.

When you have strongly decided that you are ready with the matters mentioned above, it’s about time to do the preliminary planning. You should be able to pin down the specific area and venues where to perform, have a tentative itinerary, instruments, crew, and a tentative budget. After considering these things, you will need to find the right persons who will help you in the preparation for the concert. Your music agent will start his tough job on how to connect you to the people.

You can do all the proceedings in the concert tour, but certainly the outcome will be best if you let a concert promoter help you organize the tour. He is someone who can help you make the concert as profitable as possible. Included in his job is finding the right talents, venue, crews, and most part of the advertising and marketing matters.

There are many ways to find a concert promoter if you cannot afford the biggest promoters of the country. You can start with those whom you know. Surely, there are people in the industry who can make references to good promoters. You can also check for concert industry publications for ads. Certainly, there are articles written about these people. Finally, you can check the venue where you plan to hold the concert and learn about the promoters who work for them.

Aside from having the right people to work for you, tour arrangement is also part of the concert tour jobs. You have to negotiate the tour schedule, concert details, and the split percentage with the tour promoter and manager.

You should understand that a concert tour involves more than rehearsing and performing. It must be set up properly to please the audience. You will need team players for the group who are flexible with the possible problems that may arise. More importantly, you should be able to find the people fitted for the job and are committed to the group.


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