How To Know when to Job Hunt

The time to start job hunting can often be a challenging proposition for the individual wanting to embark on a new career. The right time to job hunt can vary, depending on the type of job that you want, your skill set, and your future goals. If you are currently in a career that does not satisfy you or keep you financially secure, this is usually a good indication that it's time to begin your search. When you do, sit down and consider all aspects of the situation.

First, why are you not happy with your current career? You should list out the reasons you like and dislike your current job. It is important to consider all possibilities, including the option of transferring within the current company that you are with to another position or department. If you are not pleased with the people you work with, this may be the best option. A change in team or scenery can help you love your job again. If not, think about what kind of work would suit your personality.

Another aspect to think about is your financial future in the job that you are in. If you are not making ends meet, are living paycheck to paycheck this is a good time to start looking for something better able to meet your needs. Research online and at your local career center for jobs with a stable future that are in your areas of interest. When you do this, be sure to find out the required skills and training that you will need. You might be surprised to find that you already possess some or most of the necessary skills for that job. There are many options for training, such as online schools, vocational training and college classes that are offered at night.

It is also worth checking into the current career areas that are hiring the most right now. Many fields are promising, but over time become overloaded with applicants and do not have the job slots for them. You should not be discouraged from entering a field you like, but be aware of the timing; this can affect how quickly you can find a different position.

If your company is downsizing, this is an obvious time to look - but be aware of the possibility of assistance that is available to get retrained in another career area. You can find this information online or through your local career center as well. Knowing when to start job hunting can be challenging, but if it is approached in an organized manner it will be a much smoother transition. By researching, considering your interests and needs while being aware of hiring trends you will find the perfect career for you.


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