How To Know When You're Burned Out

Many are burdened by the everyday circumstances of their personal lives.  These situations can stem from many factors, including stress found in the workplace, where many individuals spend the majority of their time.  This stressful situation can escalate to an individual being burned out.  Being burned out is the result of excessive stress that has not been properly relieved, according to help guides.  The individual is overwhelmed with meeting constant demands.  Even more, burnout causes emotional and physical exhaustion, which can lead to more devastating results.  However, being aware of the signs of being burned out could help you successfully prevent or reverse it from consuming you.  Which brings us to the question, how do you know if you are suffering from being burned out in the workplace?

  1. Feeling mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.  Do you get up in the morning to face another work day, and have to drag yourself into the office?  This is a normal reaction when you are dealing with a stressful situation, or even just having a bad day, however, if you are feeling like this every day, then this may be a warning sign that you are burned out.
  2. Not offering your best quality of work.  According to Med Hunters, when you are normally an efficient and accurate person, in regards to handling your work load, but notice a steady or consistent decrease in the quality your work, you may need to consider that you could be experiencing the symptoms of burning yourself out.
  3. Lack of motivation in setting new career goals.  Were you an ambitious individual?  Did you always strive to reach for higher heights in your career?  Well, if you were once characterized by these traits, and now feel an overwhelming helplessness and hopelessness from the mounting number of expectations and demands you face at work, than you may be burned out.
  4. More irritable and less patient with co-workers.  Mayo Clinic expresses that irritability and lack of patience toward co-workers could very well be a sign of being burned out.  I believe the key to classifying this particular response as ‘burn out’ is how often this emotion occurs.  In other words, if your co-workers are irritating you every day that you come in to work, then you could possibly be burned out.

Work related issues and a demanding working environment can cause you to become burned out.  If you feel that this is something that you are experiencing in your life, then you should seek help from your medical provider, before the situation gets out of control, according to the Mayo Clinic.  Furthermore, if these 'burn out' symptoms are ignored, you may be facing significant consequences, such as: fatigue, insomnia, anxiety or depression.  Do not allow the demands of your to job jeopardize your health, even more, cost you your life.


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