How To Land an Interview with an Ad Agency

If conceptualizing, planning and strategizing is the kind of career you are looking for, landing a job in the advertising industry is perfect for you. However, be sure too that you know very well how to cope with the pressure that comes with this kind of profession.
Whatever position you are pursuing in an advertising agency and before securing that dream job, like others, you need to conquer a face-to-face interview. So here are some helpful tips that might be valuable:

  • Know your skills and talents, and point out any previous work experience that can be helpful in applying. If you are submitting an application for a writer or graphic designer post, send together with your portfolio, a sample of your masterpieces. 
  • Get hold of ad agencies listing in the metro and make a shortlist of big and small ad agencies. Are you ready to apply in a big and commercialized agency or can you start in small and medium advertising companies? If you feel that you need familiarity and understanding on how an advertising agency works, working for a small organization will not hurt a bit. 
  • If money is no objection, ask some advertising agencies if they accept interns. A number of agencies get their workforce from interns since they are too being trained like regular employees.
  • Dress up properly for the interview. Don’t go in an interview in casual or laid back attire. Though others have a misconception of people who work in an advertising agency dress sloppily, you still have to give power to yourself.
  • During your interview, be prepared to think outside of the box. Constantly consider that people who work in a media or in this kind of profession have lots of creative juices in mind. So be equipped when an interviewer asks you to explain the other uses of pencil and paper.
  • Carry out a research of the company. They may ask you about their company’s profile, and list of clientele, their current slogan, among others so make sure to check on their web pages. For sure everything that you need to know is available online.
  • Freelancing. Aside from interns, advertising agencies have more freelance employees than regular staff. If you are good in what you are doing, such as copy writing or video editing, you can offer your services in an hourly or per project basis. 
  • Try out on radio and television stations. These outfits are always on a look out for fresh ideas for a new campaign and this can be your big break into the industry.
  • Network. This is undeniably true. Your set of contacts can help in introducing you to the right people. And if you get invited in functions like seminars, trainings, workshops, and events in the metro, grab this opportunity and you might meet your future employer.
  • Don’t give up and always be enthusiastic. There is always perfect timing for everything. If you haven’t won a job in this field, never give up. As an alternative, improve and enhance your skills so later on, if you are called for the job, you are geared up to take off.


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