How To Learn to Love Your Job and Make Life Happier

We spend a heck of a lot of time at work. Think about it - if you're working a regular 9-to-5 day job, five days a week, 52 weeks a year, you're spending over 2,000 hours a year at work, discounting holidays. It only makes sense, then, that if you're not happy with your job, you're not happy with a major chunk of your life.

Learning to like, even love, your job will prove to be one of the best things for your overall well-being. A positive attitude towards work will increase your productivity and chances for success, leading to a higher sense of self-worth. And who doesn't want to feel valuable?

Job satisfaction may seem like an abstract goal to reach for, but it's really a matter of being proactive. The best place to start will be your work ethic - set personal goals for your work. Specify what you want to happen, and when you want it to happen. This will give you more motivation to do a good job, thus improving your value at work, both to the bosses and to yourself.

Next, get to know the people around the office. Nothing makes a person feel better about his workplace than feeling like he belongs there. Make friends with everyone, from the person in the next cubicle to Marv the Janitor. A smile from a familiar face can make all the difference in your workday. Once you've got your network going, take it outside the office. Get to know other people within your industry. You'll feel more connected to your career as you add more and more people you can share experiences with.

Learn to speak up, especially when it comes to improving the company. This shows initiative to those you speak with, and bosses love to see that in their employees. You'll be treated with higher regard simply because you care enough about the company to speak your mind about it. And who knows? Your advice just might take your company into new horizons of success - and you'll be taken along with it.

If the workload is a problem, again, just speak up. Whether your load is too much or too little, most bosses will appreciate it if you approach them about it in a respectful, reasonable way. With a little talk, you just might get the workload you feel you deserve.

Now if you feel like you've hit a dead-end, and your patience has been worn out, maybe you're just not matched with the right job. Treat your career like you would a romantic relationship - with passion. Passion is an understated but all-important factor of job satisfaction, and a job without passion is like a loveless marriage. Find a career path that gives you that drive and sense of self-fulfillment, and you'll end up a much happier person. Just remember that no job is perfect, and that every occupation hits a snag once in a while. Keep your outlook positive, be proactive about your job satisfaction, and happiness will be just around the corner.


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