How To List Flea Market Selling Experience on a Resume

Writing your own resume can be a daunting task, most especially when all you can write or include in your resume is “flea-market selling”. This doesn’t automatically turn on the alarm in an interest-radar of the hiring company, as compared to people with genuine corporate experience. However, many people (including the person interviewing you) are not fully aware that many interesting, useful and commendable experiences, knowledge and connections are uniquely obtained from flea market selling, which can translate to useful and worthy corporate tools.

Read on to make your resume shine brighter than mediocre practitioners and enjoy a unique edge!

Your goal and their goal. It is important to understand and keep in mind that, when formulating your very own resume, your main goal is to showcase your individual’s worth and prospective potential to your future employer. It is very important that you understand their organization’s need and craftily mold your individual as close to the target as possible, since they have their own goal of finding the most suited candidate for their job requirement. This, however, does not mean crafting something outside the truth regarding your experiences.

Style it up and highlight. Corporate human resource departments are easily alarmed and notified by the different departments should the need for hiring of new staff is necessary. In all of these cases, specific standards are set by these different departments within the company so the human resource people would know who exactly to look for and pursue. An integral part of these standards are skill-sets that favor the employing organization, which are the basis of the perfect applicant.

If you are applying in a retail conglomerate, your experience in flea market selling is vital, yet, it is of utmost importance that you interpret these in detail that these corporate headhunters would understand. Flea market selling, for the snobbish corporate human resource staff, may mean small time operation. Nevertheless, this entails a lot of various activities and procedures that corporate warriors can understand. For example: planning, product procurement, logistics, merchandising, inventory management, customer service, selling, negotiating, and even handling of finances, both payables and receivables. These are valuable experiences that many corporate people treasure and it is your job, to highlight these and make them understand what exactly you gained from doing these things.

Versatility. In a fast-paced, ever-changing business and corporate environment, many human resource executives find the need to acquire people with high adaptability. From your experiences you gain from selling in the flea market, this is one of the most exciting things. You can use this and differentiate yourself from other applicants through your versatility. Not only will you have justified the flea market selling experience, but you also would have made an exciting pitch to your interviewer.

Your own business. Another important experience you get from flea market selling is having to run all aspects of your own business. Successful businessmen own many corporate firms simply because they have had the experiences and learned from these and applied what they have learned to better their situation and eventually grow, integrate and diversify their assets. With your experience, you can honestly say that you have broadened your perspective in many ways, and feel that you are more responsible and be able to accomplish tasks because you have a deeper understanding of how a business runs and you are more able to creatively think of ways as to how one firm can be more sustainable, profitable, effective and productive. 

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