How To List Promotions on Resumes

The job market is as competitive as business. This is a fact that you should first grasp before taking your first step towards employment. You are not the only person in need of a job. You may not even be the only one vying for a particular post. That is why it is important that your resume have a style that will surely catch the interest of your potential employer. It should be able to give him the information about you, which is necessary to land you in a job. Otherwise, you will certainly not hear from him again after you submitted your resume.

Because work experience counts a lot, your future employer may want to see a well-written and informative list of the jobs and positions you already had before. You should be able to provide this to him on your resume. It is also important to include a list of promotions you have had. This is the most valuable proof of your good employment record. With this on your resume, your chances of getting the job are much higher. Besides, your promotion list will also encourage your employer to give you a higher salary. Below are the steps you can follow to make an effective promotions list.

  1. Point out the specific job title of the jobs you had before. As much as possible, make this accurate. This is to make sure that your potential employer will be getting an objective view of your past work records just by the list of job titles.
  2. Along with each promotion experience you put on the list, stress on the additional job responsibilities given to you. You may include the particular department that you head and the number of people that are under your supervision.
  3. Leave out the minor promotions you got so that your resume will not be too long. Put the last and highest on top of the list of the promotions you got from a particular company. The appearance it gives, how you rose to the top, will impress your potential employer. Do not forget to put the corresponding date on each promotion.
  4. You may also put the corresponding salary you got for every promotion given to you. This will give your possible employer an idea of the rate he should give you relative to your work experience and good employment record.
  5. You do not have to put every detail about your promotion on the resume. The date, the exact title, and some job descriptions will do. The rest of the details are to be placed in a small paper you can use for review before an actual job interview. Otherwise, your resume will appear too long to be interesting and all your efforts at enhancing it will just go to waste.

Your resume is very important in applying for a job. It may be short but if it tells much about you, then it is effective enough.


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