How To Live a Successful Life

Success, originated from a Latin word "successus."  According to, success may mean a level of social status, achievement of an objective/goal and the opposite of failure. People nowadays tend to be striving so hard to be successful in their chosen fields. However, does having a mansion or a brand new car or a high position at work or fame mean success? Success may have a broad meaning. However, it can sometimes seem impossible to be successful in all aspects of your life. If you have a successful career, your family life may be difficult to juggle. Is it possible to be successful in every aspect of your life? Of course! A positive outlook is important but that’s not the only way to achieve a successful life. Here are 6 ways to achieve the successful life that everybody is aiming for.

Step 1

Maintain the right view towards money. Okay, money is important especially in this time of crisis. We're human, we need food, water, shelter etc., and these aren't free right? As stated above, money isn't the problem; it's how we view it. Does money affect our life so much that we even forgot about the things that are the most important, like family and even eating? We must know our limits. For whom are we working? Is it for our children, family, girlfriend, boyfriend or ourselves? Now, after all the work that you do, do you still have time to give value to these people? To ourselves? Do you still have sufficient strength, to mingle with them? We mustn't think that money is the only thing that keeps us going in this world. Of course we must work, yet we mustn't forget that there are people that need our time, too. Balance is crucial, so you better know your priorities and make decisions accordingly.

Step 2

Develop generosity. According to the study done by Stephen G. Post, generosity makes us live longer, helps us to be better people, makes us mentally and physically healthy. Furthermore, it lessens depression. Generous people felt fulfilled in helping others and with this, they are encouraged to help more people. According to the Bible, the generous soul will be blessed (Proverbs 11:25). However, what does it takes to be generous? Generous means helping other people without expecting something in return.

Step 3

Forgive. Forgiveness if one of the hardest things to do. Most people nowadays, tend to revenge rather than to forgive, which gives birth to quarrels, insults and wars. According to The Gazette of Montreal, Canada, a study that had followed almost 4,600 people aged 18-30 revealed that the war freaks, losers and people that have a bad attitude tend to have weaker lungs. So, this proves that forgiving other people helps us live a peaceful and healthy life now and in the future.

How can you actually forgive other people? Okay, try to ask yourself; have you done something that caused others to be mad at you? And did you deeply appreciate their forgiveness? So, why can't you forgive others? With this, you must develop your self-control. When you're mad, take time to cool down and relax. It's better not to say a word when you're mad, because you might spill out something that you'll surely regret later.

Step 4

Follow God's principle. This is very important, since He knows us best. By following God's laws, we are keeping ourselves clean. I know that we are human, and we're not perfect. However, by following God's laws or making ourselves aware of it, we are making a barrier on ourselves that serves as our protection from the daily influences of this world.

Step 5

Show unselfish love. Unselfish love also gives without asking anything in return. For parents, unselfish or unconditional love is given to their children by teaching good morals, providing for their needs (physically, financially, mentally, socially, spiritually and emotionally), showing affection and in many other ways. Furthermore, children brought up in this environment feel more secure, encouraged, and feel that they are loved and valued.

Step 6

Be aware of your spiritual needs. People nowadays are more concerned with their personal gain than their spiritual gain. Always remember that what we have here is just temporary, and what God can further offer is forever. God wants us to have a successful life, and to have it, we need his help that he willingly gives us. God gives us our needs, how about giving some of our time to Him?

Success is not an easy thing to have. We need to strive to have it. However, while working to the top, we need to be balance and to be contented with what we have. Know your needs and your wants. Set your priorities, and don't forget to put God first. I hope this article can help you to attain a successful life and remember that even people who seem to have everything likely haven't yet reached the success of what we call LIFE.


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