How To Locate Successful Job Recruitment Agencies

Job recruitment agencies bridge the gap between the job and the job seeker. They make certain that the right candidate gets the job and satisfies the requirement of the employer. A recruitment agent works as human resource office, recruiter of candidates, and in filling up vacancies.

To find a job, especially overseas work, applicants resort to finding a successful recruitment agency. A job recruitment agency may be described as successful if it can post job applicants in a legitimate job with lawful employers. Jobseekers may do any or all of the following:

  1. Get hold of a directory of job recruitment agencies. These agencies are also in the newspapers with a listing of the jobs where they have vacancies. Look for the accreditation number to make sure they are not bogus.
  2. Take note of the size of job advertisement posted by the agency. If the ad is in a box, it shows that the agency can afford to pay the space. More so if the advertisement is a page - it must be a successful recruitment agency.
  3. View jobs that are advertised by the recruitment agencies. The jobs have corresponding salary rates.
  4. Use the search tools on the Internet. Every job recruitment agency on the list may have been engaged by jobseekers.
  5. Create, update and post your resume with the agency to test if you have found the successful one.

Sometimes the success of a recruitment agency may depend on the jobseeker. Some jobseekers want to have immediate jobs so they upgrade their resumes to answer the vacancy. But the problem arises when the employer cannot find the skill indicated by the candidate on his resume. The result is termination.

The recruitment agent or the recruitment agency is not the employer. An employer on the other hand may have several recruitment agents. For a job recruitment agency to be successful, they must know how to find, interview and position suitable jobseekers in the relevant role. After advertising or marketing a vacancy, short listing, selecting, organizing interviews and 'selling' the applicant or jobseeker to the employer, recruitment agencies are either successful or not in posting the right jobseeker in the right role.

A job recruitment agency is only as successful as their workers’ network and links. Without contacts or links and a dependable network of skilled applicants, a recruitment agency will cease to exist. Recruitment agencies earn commissions based on the candidate’s salary, either monthly or annually. If the recruitment agent is proficient in skill sourcing, and the employer is satisfied with the service of the jobseeker, the commission is released wholly. However, if the candidate was found to be not in the possession of the skills or knowledge indicated on his resume or specified during the interview, the agency’s commission may be forfeited, or there are times when it is only reduced.

Employers have multiple recruiters to strengthen their scope and contact to a wider pool of job-seekers, thereby finding the most fitted candidate for the vacancy. Whether you are an employer or job seeker, locating the successful job recruitment agency depends on your skills of identifying their specialties.


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