How To Look for Construction Management Internships

Contractors reviewing a blueprint

Taking up construction management as an associate bachelor’s degree is no mean feat. A student understands that this course not only requires determination, diligence and dedication to his studies but also the various tricks and skills to master the knowledge of materials, of buildings and skill of the workforce. More often than not, experience could play a huge role in sharpening the skills that takes to be a construction manager.

This is where an internship comes in. It provides a curious mix of theory and practice not only for construction management but in other courses as well. Internships may not only provide a productive learning experience but may also open students to whole new options to choose from (from an assistant project manager to an assistant project superintendent or assistant estimator, etc). Of course, you may not be using full-fledged construction software or do construction work, handle a construction business or construction costs or do home construction immediately. The beauty of an internship is that you will find it out for yourself.

Here’s a list of some of companies that foster a competitive environment for you to get the optimum experience.

  1. Contra Costa Water District. Do you want to get paid for an internship?  This California-based water district is one of the largest in California, featuring one of the most modern techniques and the most efficient machines to maintain and achieve water safety. The Contra Costa Water District offers an internship that pays between $18 to $22 per hour, depending on the applicant’s experience and level of academic achievement. Interested applicants should be of upper-division or a graduate, computer-literate, and have a flexible schedule (to fit in a max of 1,000 hours). If you meet all of these requirements, apply during the summer. A resume as well as a filled-out questionnaire will be needed. Competition is stiff as only 8 may be granted the position. On the other hand, benefits are significant: it’s a chance to be supervised and trained by CCWD professionals themselves and obtain permanent employment in the water treatment district. Check further details online.
  2. Granite Co-op Education Program and internships. If you don’t dig the water, you may try the rocky side of construction management. Granite Construction is a company that builds infrastructure as well as mixing up various ingredients for construction materials. The company has Granite East and Granite West to handle, as well as other any other program, etc. Internships begin in January or June, lasting up to 6 to 7 months. Here, an internship is also paid, depending on how much credit the intern has acquired during the whole period of obtaining the construction management degree.
  3. The Western Carolina University website sponsors a wide array of websites to choose from to find the perfect internship for you (or you could also try Western Carolina’s internship). Click on any of the websites that the university can offer, pass your resume and get the position that best provides you all the experience you can get.

As an intern, you could also try out these nonspecific areas to do your research:

  • A career fair.
  • The yellow pages or the classified ads in the newspapers.
  • Contacting companies through the Internet.
  • Get a list of the organizations that are linked with your university or school.

An internship in construction management may be very productive indeed. Currently the country is short on people taking up relevant jobs. This results in high pay, around $35,000 to $45,000 annually. Your internship may not pay as much, but it’s a first step. Your future company is waiting.


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