How To Look for Jobs in Calgary

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta, Canada. It is a favorite destination of people who are into winter sports because of its cold rocky mountains. It can be considered as one of the most diverse cities of Canada. The people in Calgary generally have a positive attitude towards people of different ethnicities.

In 2005, the number of workers in Calgary only reached 649,300. In 2006, the city registered its lowest unemployment rate at a record low of 3.2% compared to other major Canadian cities. It suffered a shortage of both skilled and unskilled workers. The shortage affected the city so much that some hotels even had to shut down floors because they did not have enough staff to maintain the cleanliness of the rooms. The upside of this shortage is that signing bonuses and starting salaries are generally high.

If you are not a native of Canada and you want to work in Calgary, here are some things you should do:

  1. Look for available Calgary jobs online. Look for openings and check if you are qualified to apply to the positions. For specific Calgary listings, you may want to check out CalgaryJobs.Com. Post your resume online and apply for jobs. Just make sure that these jobs are also open to foreign applicants.
  2. Get your documents ready. Prepare your passport, birth certificate, your credentials, and other legal documents that will prove your identity. These must be ready so that should a prospective employer contact you for possible hiring, you will just need to be working on applying for a Canadian working visa.

If you are an immigrant in Calgary, here are some steps you should take in looking for a job:

  1. Seek help from agencies serving immigrants in the city. You can visit to view a listing of the major agencies that help immigrants in Calgary. The list has the addresses, Web sites, and contact numbers of these agencies and you can get in touch with them. These agencies will definitely have the resources to job listings open for immigrants. They will also know the kind of documents you will need to prepare and will guide you regarding labor standards and standard wages for immigrants.
  2. Look for local job postings in the papers or online. Prepare an impressive resume and upload it onto Calgary job listing sites. Check the classified ads of newspapers for job openings. Just make sure that the positions are open to immigrants.

If you are a Canadian citizen, what you should be doing is basically easy:

  1. Go to employment centers in Calgary. They provide help to job hunters and also provide resources for job hunting.
  2. Build networks. Some employers do not advertise because they want referrals from trusted friends or employees.
  3. Walk-in application. Although the turn out for success by doing this step is not immediate, be assured that your application will be stored in the company's database for future openings.

Because of labor shortage problems in Calgary, job hiring is continuously done. With this information, you may get a job in the city in no time.


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