How To Make a Closet into a Office or Retreat

For the serious career person, having a quiet office space at home is essential. However, not all people have the means or the space to put up a home office. But, you don’t need a lot of space to make your own work area at home. Sometimes, an extra closet can do the job. If you’re the type who treasures the sanctuary of his home, your spare closet can also become a place to retreat.

  • Preparing your spare closet. Clear your extra closet from any junk that you might have. Store them in another place you’ve prepared for the contents of the old closet. With house tools, take down rods, racks, or any other closet accessories. Clean out the entire closet, only leaving any built-in shelves that cannot be removed. Strip off any wall papers and prepare the walls for a makeover.
  • Shop for your new office. Take measurements of your old closet and use this when buying materials for your new office. You’ll need a compact desk, light fixtures and new paint or wallpaper. Decide whether you want doors to shut and lock off your space when you’re not working in it. Otherwise, you may opt to purchase floor length blinds that will hide your area when you need it to but don’t need the security of doors and locks. You can also just leave the space open if you feel comfortable doing so. If you choose to keep the doors, you can even use the inside panels to hang notes, a calendar and containers to keep incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Scrub off old paint or wallpaper. Then re-paint or apply new wall paper that is bright and colorful. A bright hue will help liven up your mini office and will keep your office gain a vibrant vibe, which you’ll want to have when toiling away long hours.
  • Install your lights. Get lights that are bright and energy efficient so as not to strain your eyes. You can make use of old power outlets that already exist in your closet.
  • Shelves and desks. If the area nearer the ceiling is bare, maximize your office space by installing more shelves. You can keep other office materials that you don’t need to use every day in the higher shelves. To save space, you can install a desk that has no legs, and instead, is attached to the wall like a shelf. This works if you work on a laptop and don’t need to burden the desk with a heavy computer monitor.
  • Make the closet into a hideaway. Some people like to keep work and personal life separate. You can also use your closet to get some rest and relaxation. If you’ve got other people living in your house, even your bedroom won’t spare you from disturbance. Use your closet to get some peace. Install doors that have slits for proper ventilation, and hang a wall fan to help circulate air. Then, bring in  throw pillows, a cot, or a lazy boy for you to relax in.

An extra closet space is a wonderful place to have your own personal area. Whether you choose to turn it into an office or a retreat room, you’ll be sure to get the “me” time you need.


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