How To Make a Freelance Writer Flyer

Freelance writer need to know how to market themselves to get writing jobs more easily. These days, marketing yourself as a write is easily done online. Starting up you own blog with sample works to advertise your talent are easy to set-up and maintain. But you also need to consider how you can showcase your work beyond the cyberspace.

Do the old school approach and post flyers on public areas and bulletin boards to get prospect clients. To help you create your own flyer to publicize your skills, read the instructions below:

Materials needed:

  • A computer
  • Microsoft Word application
  • Image files related to your work
  • Colored printer
  • Legal size bond paper or coated gloss finish brochure paper


  • Choosing your paper. Selecting the right paper is important when creating brochures. If you are to create a brochure with printed information back-to-back, you must select a thicker than usual brochure paper. In terms of the size, this will depend on how much information you want to put in your flyer. If you want to put a lot of information, choose a bigger paper rather than cramping all information and using a small font size. The tendency of most people will not be able to read the contents and they can be overwhelmed with too much data. Visit a specialty paper store to know your options. Buy some extra sheets as well for practice prints later on.
  • Getting started. Using your computer, launch Microsoft Word. Other software applications can be used to create flyers, but Microsoft Word is a very common application that is usually readily available in computers. Create a new file and type your title on the topmost part of the sheet. Think of a catchy title that will get anyone’s attention. Turn the font in bold format or type it in all caps so people can easily spot it.
  • Decide what you want to advertise. If you are a versatile writer, choose what you want to focus on in your flyer. Limit on detailing to 3 or 4 points of expertise rather than placing all information in the flyer. Be creative and interesting as you describe your work to keep the reader interested. Do not put too much or too little information in your flyer.
  • Other contents. Do not forget to place your contact information. If you have a business name, type this as well together with your full name, contact number, and email address. Also include websites that they can refer to if they want to see your other works. Make sure all the contact information is correct before printing. This is very important as prospect client will need to contact you. You can also add a few images to your flyer to make it more interesting and to add some color.

Proofread your work before printing. Make sure you do not have any typo errors and that all your contact information is correct. Print your flyers and place them in public areas where you think prospect clients hang out often.


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