How To Make a Good Impression at a Business Meeting

They say that first impressions leave a lasting effect on people. When you meet someone for the first time, you can be evaluated in just a few seconds based on your appearance, mannerisms, body language and behavior. And first impressions are almost impossible to change once a person has formed an opinion about you; they establish the way people will likely deal with you. Therefore, it is essential to create a good impression in your first encounters, be it in terms of your business or social life. For your career advancement, it is especially important to make a good impression in a business meeting or conference, since it can build a good foundation leading to career development or even promotion. 

When attending a business meeting or a business conference, you need to have a plan for meeting management in order to create the best first impression possible. Here are some tactics that can help you make a good first impression:

  1. Be on time. Being prompt is the first step in making a good first impression during a corporate meeting. Planning to arrive ahead of the person you are meeting is advisable. During a business conference, you might also need to check on the hotel or the venue of the event, the invitation, etc.
  2. Dress appropriately. Your physical appearance will be the first thing that will be noticed by the person you are meeting, and this will say a lot of things about your personality. Be well groomed and dress according to the occasion, the place of your meeting and the people you will be dealing with. For example, if you are to attend a corporate meeting, your business attire should be formal. A suit is appropriate, since you are meeting with company executives.
  3. Smile. A smile not only creates a good impression but also helps in making you and the other person feel at ease and relaxed. The effectiveness of smiling to show your friendliness has been proven as an effective way of making the first impression a good one. But do not go overboard to the point that you appear insincere. Smile at some points during your conversation to show your interest.
  4. Be yourself and be confident. Do not act differently just to impress the other person, as this will only create a wrong impression of you. Maintain good eye contact and greet with a firm handshake to help you and the other person feel calm. Be yourself and participate in the conversation spontaneously. Especially during an online meeting wherein the way you talk to the other person will be the sole basis for their impression on you, it is important that you are at ease and confident to get your message across clearly.
  5. Be courteous. Be on your best behavior. Making a good first impression will require good manners, right conduct and courteous behavior.

There are times when we get only one chance to make an impression on someone; hence, it is vital that you give your best shot in each new encounter. First impressions, whether in a social gathering or a business meeting, can sometimes make or break you. Remember that creating a good first impression is the key.


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