How To Make a Home Photography Studio

For a budding photographer who wants to have a studio, it is best to start small and build a small studio at home. It can take time for a starting photographer to earn enough and build a solid reputation to be able to set up a commercial photography studio. So if you want to learn the rudiments of running a photography studio and experiment with various lighting angles and effects and backdrops, below are some ideas on how to make a home photography studio for portraits, product shots and still life.

  • Select the best room where you will set up your home photography studio. A garage is quite ideal because the floor is made from concrete that will remove the incidence of vibration. However, if you are going to take photos of large objects, you will need a room with a high ceiling, at least ten feet, so you will have enough clearance to set up the overhead lights.
  • Ideally the walls should be white and smooth. You can also run a clothesline across the width of the room close to one wall and drape a white sheet over it to serve as your backdrop.
  • Set up your studio in a room with at least one window to let natural light in. Natural light is softer than artificial light and quite good when taking close up shots of peoples’ faces and small objects. You can easily control the strength of natural light by installing a blind or curtain over the window.
  • If you do not have access to a room with natural light, you need to buy strobes and hot lights. Strobes are the lights that you synchronize with your camera to flash when the camera shutter is pressed. The hot lights are the ones that will be placed around the studio. These can be mounted on tall tripods or attached to brackets placed on walls or the ceiling.
  • You will also need reflectors and diffusers as well as soft boxes and barn doors. You will need these light modifiers to control how the hot lights will bounce on the backdrop and the subject. These are available from a camera supply store. You can ask a photographer friend how to make some of these out of things that can be found around your house.
  • Look for tripods with wheels that will help you to easily position them. You will also need a hand-held flash meter and a sync cord if you are going to use strobe lights. Another thing you will have to invest on is a variety of lenses that will be applicable for use in a small space.
  • Start collecting different props that you will use for the different things you will shoot. If you will be shooting portraits you have to provide a space to be used as a dressing and make up room. You also need bar chairs in different heights where the model can sit. You should also have a collection of fabrics in different colors and weight to be used as backdrop for different settings.
  • You should also have a good storage area to store all the photography paraphernalia. You should have a dust-free environment that is cool and dry which is very essential to protect your cameras and equipment.

These are the things that you will need to make your home photography studio. Once you have set it up, experiment with the different light mounting and angles to get familiar with how they work. You should also learn the various effects the light modifiers have on different objects, subjects and surfaces before starting your actual photography.


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