How To Make a Job Finding Self Assessment

Self-Assessment - An Aid To Finding The Best Job
Each individual possesses strong skills aside from those learned through job experience. Often, a career path begins through the influence of career counselors prior to entering the job market. Career counseling is valuable only if it directs the job seeker to the job most suited to inherent talents, skills, interests and capabilities. If your career path has strayed from the original intent and provides less satisfaction, this is the time to take a serious self-assessment to find the best job.

How To Plan A Self-Assessment

A thorough self-assessment requires an honest review of one's personal job assets. Create a permanent inventory list of natural talents such as good coordination, efficiency, comprehension and cooperation. Add to the inventory list learned skills such as leadership, focus, goal-orientation and management. The most important part of a self-assessment is the third area: interests. If a job seeker isn't interested in the work he is hired to perform, the end result is poor performance of duties or lack of accountability for tasks. Know what you are interested in before you attempt to sail into uncharted career waters. The last area of self-assessment is capabilities. Knowing what your capabilities are means knowing what your potential is in a job.

Self-Assessment - The Picture of Job Future

When all of the issues of a self-assessment are resolved, there may be an area that needs firming or support. Make this an annual goal. Check these weaker areas of self-assessment regularly to evaluate if there have been changes or improvements. Then view the self-assessment objectively. This will form the picture of the type of jobs that are best suited to your job assets as well as your marketability for employment.

The self-assessment for some individuals may indicate that there is a preference for diversity in the tasks of a job. Others may prefer the security of a well-managed routine. Leadership isn't for everyone. Those with the talents, skills, interests and capabilities for accounting jobs generally prefer a solid management structure. Chemists and engineers much prefer working in groups as a rule. Then enjoy the team effort that aids in reaching the goals in research and development or in structural projects. As long as the interest remains in the work, the end result is good job performance. This is what a healthy self-assessment can achieve for job seekers.

Career Changes Require Self-Assessment

For the mid-level or highly experienced employee who is seeking a career change, self-assessment can be a good tool to determine the next phase of a career path. Individuals in this particular phase of their careers have a unique option to assess whether original career goals have been reached. This forms a clear picture of the next career step forward.


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