How To Make a Lighting Design Portfolio

A lighting design portfolio is put together by using good quality photographs of models or performers showing your light design. A design portfolio is important when applying for a job or simply making people aware of what you can do. It is best to design your portfolio in a way that will attract as much people as it can.

There are different kinds of medium that you can use to create your portfolio. You can use a hardcopy, a digitized version, or both. You can use the hard copy to submit and show during interviews, and the digitized copy to continuously promote your work or to submit to companies in other countries.

Follow these steps to create your own lighting design portfolio:

Pick your best works. Go through your collection of photographs from your projects. Choose the works that you will want to showcase in your portfolio. Make sure to include works from different projects so that people will see the width and breadth of what you can do.

Hard Copy

  • Prepare the materials that you will need. For the traditional portfolio, you can buy ready-made portfolio books or any kind of big binder. You will also need double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Lay out your collection. You can categorize your works or simply organize them in a way that you see most attractive. Lay out the photographs on the paper so that you have the proper distance that you want for each photograph. Make sure that your photographs are easy to look at and will not “upstage” one another.
  • Stick the photographs on to the portfolio. Using your double sided adhesive tape, stick on the photographs that you laid out. Make sure that you do a clean job of cutting the double-sided adhesive tape so nothing sticks out from the back of the photographs. Also make sure that the corners are stuck on completely so that they do not get ruined when the pages are turned. Loose corners can get stuck on to another photo from its facing page.
  • Finish off. You are almost done! All you have to do now is to leaf through the pages of your portfolio and make sure that everything is in its proper place. Good luck!

Digitized Portfolio

  • Prepare the materials that you will need. All you will need for your more modern portfolio are blank discs, and your computer. You can also use photo editing or layout software to create your portfolio.
  • Get a domain address. Get a domain address that is not difficult to pronounce or understand when heard. Do not give people a hard time remembering or checking your digital lighting portfolio.
  • Put up your digital portfolio. Put up your digital portfolio by uploading your photographs. Use small thumbnails that are enlarged when it is clicked on. Be creative in making your website so that people will not get bored when they check out your works.
  • Burn a disc of your photographs. You can also burn a CD or DVD of a collection of your works. Add a cover letter that will explain what people should expect to see and a short description of the jobs you have done.

Make sure that you put the necessary information so that the person you submit your hard copy to will know how to contact you. It is also advisable that you label the photographs so people know what event and when you designed the lighting. A short description of the photograph will be of big help as well.

Remember that your lighting design portfolio should be updated once in a while. Arrange your showcase in a way that is easy to modify and update so you will not have to do it over and over.


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