How To Make a Long Commute to Work Pleasant

Wouldn’t it be nice if your office or workplace was just a few steps away from home? No traffic to deal with. There is no need to buy gas for your car. It is not even necessary to wake up very early because you have to allot a few hours of your time for commuting.

You can just imagine how commuters feel every time they have to commute to work. They must feel like their day is ruined even before it starts. Perhaps, we can help these poor commuters enjoy their time by giving them a few tips.

Here are some simple steps on how to make a long commute to work pleasant:

  1. Listen to music. Music is considered pleasant noise. Listening to sounds other than honking cars and people complaining about the traffic is more appealing. You may not even notice it but you may be bobbing your head and screaming on top of your lungs while listening to the songs. Before you know it, you’ve already reached your destination.
  2. Take a scenic route. If you are tired of the usual things you see when you are on your way to work, then change routes. If you have the option to pass by roads with scenic views, that may be better for you. These views may be very relaxing and comforting especially if you are wound up for a big day at work.
  3. Commute with a friend. Sharing a long commute to work with a friend may be comforting. It is nice to know that you are not the only one bored to death. Being with someone you can talk to may take your mind off the usual buggers. Strike up a conversation with your friend. Talk about interesting topics.
  4. Think of pleasant things. Instead of spending all of your time whining and frowning, try to think of the more beautiful things in life. If you have something planned for the weekend, try to come up with the things you will do when that day comes. Remind yourself that it won’t be long until another day is done and the day you are looking forward to is already near.
  5. Listen to audio books. Get yourself an audio book that interests you. There are a lot of topics to choose from. These audio books are available in all subjects and genres. Choose the one that you think you will enjoy listening to the most. Pop the cassette or the CD in your player and enjoy your long way to work by listening to your audio book.
  6. Listen to a stand-up comedy material. Start your day with a good laugh. Listen to comedians who are good in what they do. You might be able to get ideas for work from them, too.

Try these steps and choose the one that is most effective. Who knows? You might even find yourself looking forward to the long commutes to work. You may probably even be able to share your practices with a friend and help them cope with the same dilemma.


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