How To Make a Resume for a 3D Animation Job

Making a resume is a relatively easy task, but it can be tricky for someone on the look-out for work in highly technical or creative fields.  So if you are looking for a 3D animation job and think you have the skills and experience to boot, you must learn how to make a resume for a 3D animation job. Here are a few tips.

  1. Go online to pick a sample resume.  The tips here will work for any template.
  2. Recall the important and correct details you will be putting in your resume.
  3. Make your resume proper by creating a heading. The heading appears at the top portion of your resume. It should contain your name and such contact details as your phone number, address, email and website if you have one. Your website is a great opportunity to exhibit your talent.
  4. Next, state your educational information. Your educational attainments should be stated in a chronological order, the latest achievement stated first. Indicate the university or colleges you attended, the major and minors you took up and your graduation date. Include your cumulative grade point average if it is impressive. If you are not yet a graduate, indicate that you are currently enrolled to finish your education and your expected graduation date. You can skip information on your high school education if you are a college degree holder.
  5. Indicate your previous work experience, volunteer work and internships you have completed and your skills. Highlight the area or field of particular interest to your prospective employer, excluding unrelated job experience. Your resume should show how your skills will be relevant to your future employer. Quantify your achievements if possible or make them specific.
  6. Go over your resume and check it for errors. Employers will not be impressed with a verbose resume or one riddled with typographical errors.
  7. Review the appearance of your resume. Although you are applying for a creative job, leave the creative aspect out of your resume. (There will be plenty of time for that when they hire you) The idea is to make your resume look professional. Make use of a regular font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Bookman for your entire resume.  Do not use fancy or colored fonts and make sure the letters are easy to read by setting the font size to 12 or 13. Align the text at the left and right margins.
  8. Print your resume on plain white, but high quality paper. Do not used colored paper. Don’t make your future employer frown upon a neon pink resume.

Making a resume for a 3D animation job is just like making a resume for any other job.  To come up with a good one, the key is minding the form and substance of your resume. At the end of the day, no matter how professional-looking your resume is, substance will be the deciding factor in hiring. Remember, your future employer will probably just scan at your resume so make sure you make one good enough for them to set an appointment, so beef up your skills. Happy job hunting!


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