How To Make a Stand Up Comedy Routine

A stand-up comedy routine may seem effortlessly dished out when on stage, but it is not really as easy as it looks. But the success of many a comic act has convinced you that it is worth all the effort and plugging. Your stand up comedy routines can make or break you if you are embarking out on a career in being a stand up comedian.  Here are the steps in making a good stand up comedy routine:

Know the professional way. The professional way of doing stand up comedy sets a regular comical or humorous person from a successful comedian. The professional way of doing stand up comedy will give you an idea of what to avoid and what to uphold when doing your act. Just by browsing through videos of Robin Williams and Jerry Seinfeld will already give you a lot of tips or hints.

Get your signature style. Your signature style depends heavily on your innate personality and prominent traits. How do you intend to deliver your humor? Will it be more of a sarcastic, self-deprecating type? Or will it be wholesome and subtle? It depends on how you also view humor.

Your innate resources. Your innate resources include your prominent traits, both good and bad. Also, your experiences from different people and places in the past are also good sources for your unique jokes. Tap the wealth of your innate resources to be able to come up with really unique jokes. Some tools include parallelism, similes, opposites, comparisons or building humor by accessing a previous joke to make a new one.

Rehearsal. The rehearsal is key part of your routine creation. You will be able to hear if the jokes you placed on paper sounded as good as you expected it to sound. The rehearsal will also allow you to add necessary quips and other factors that may add to the humor of what you have previously written. The rehearsal will help you time your jokes and conduct the right sequence. It is best if you are able to record your rehearsal for more frequent playbacks. Devote a lot of time to rehearsal and it will pay back in a good way when you perform.

Timing. Timing is everything. No matter how good your jokes, if you cannot deliver them effectively in the right timing, it will not be successful. Your timing is something that cannot really be practiced. It is something that takes your intuition and continuous performance to rehearse.

Performance. During your performance, you need to make sure that you are able to overcome stage fright or at least use your nervousness to your benefit. Your area of performance and target audience are also two other considerations for your performance. Your performance might either be a killer or a bomber. So if you did not get the desired effect or applause in your first performance, make sure that you incorporate new strategies to avoid mistakes you have done in the last performance.


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