How To Make Extra Money Snow Plowing

Snow makes it hard to drive because the road becomes slippery. If the snow gets too thick, it will also cover things outside the house like plants and driveway. People will surely want to remove snow from their area. You can actually take advantage of this to make extra income. You can start offering snow plowing service. Like any other business, you need to make sure everything is prepared before starting this.

Here’s how you can make money by snow plowing:

  • Prepare the things that you’ll need to do the job. You need to have a plow truck for this job. If you don’t have one, you need to buy this because this is the machine that you will use for snow plowing. Like any other business, you need to invest first to earn. The plow truck will be your investment. You can easily get the money that you spent in buying your equipment if you work hard. Also, as long as you take care of your equipment properly, you will be able to use it for a long time and earn from this. You should also have reflectors and warning lights that you can put on your truck plow so that people will be able to see you and determine that you are snow plowing if you have these. Since you will be working in a very cold temperature, you also need to make sure that you wear clothes that will keep you warm such as gloves, boots, hats and a thick jacket. You also need a shovel, which you will use to remove snow on the hallway or doorsteps. A mobile phone is also a must. This is to make sure that you can make a call in case of emergency.
  • Know how to do the job properly. Now that you have your equipment, you must know how to operate the machine properly. This is to make sure that your customer will be satisfied with your work. If you know what you’re doing, customers will be happy and they will hire you again the next time they will need a snow plowing service. They will also recommend you to their family and friends. Aside from learning how to operate the plow, you also need to consult with the customer with the specific details like when you will remove the snow. Some want the snow removed when it’s a specific inch thickness, while others want this removed every week.
  • Get the customers. You can go house to house and ask if they need snow plowing service. You can also call companies if they need your service. To make it easier, you may want to start with people you know like your friends and families. Once you have your customers, make sure to take note of the name, address and schedule to make sure that you will be able to do the job without conflict on schedule. You also need to discuss how much you will be paid. If you will be working on a commercial area, make sure to check on city ordinances about snow plowing to make sure you will not be violating any laws.
  • Start working. Once you have your customers and their schedule, you can start working. If you’re working in a commercial area, make sure to clear the entrance for the customers. That’s why you should always bring a snow shovel with you. If you’re working on a residential area, make sure to know which area to cover and put the snow as far from the house as possible. Don’t forget to use your warning lights.

Aim for excellence in your service to make sure your customers will be satisfied with your job. Happy customers mean more jobs, and more jobs mean more money.


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