How To Make Money as a College House Painter

Are you in college and looking for a lucrative job where you can earn extra money to cover tuition or perhaps buy something that you want? Have you ever tried painting with Dad at home and helped out in home improvement? If the description fits you, then you can definitely earn money as a college house painter during vacation or breaks.

Research. The first step to take is to get information on the job that you are going to pursue. Just like anything else, it pays to know what you are getting yourself into. You can get information on the job with regard to the service that you are offering along with the going rate. Once you offer your services, you may expect customers to be asking you questions and you’d like to make sure that you understand what they are asking and that you definitely would be able to answer them and know what you are talking about. You will certainly work on experience; however it pays to know something.

Equip yourself. The next thing that you will need to do is to buy the necessary equipment that you will need for the job. Purchasing items may require you to spend initially but think of this as an investment as you will be able to recover what you have spent once you get signed up for paint jobs. Get good quality equipment as you will be using them the entire time and not to mention the fact that they will get your job done easier. Make sure that you clean your equipment likewise to maintain and take care of them.

Market your business. It will help for you to advertise your business. This will help spread the word regarding your services. Sign-up for news paper advertisement where you can put in that you are a college student painter. This works well to your advantage as people will know that you are there to support a noble cause, your schooling.

Work on your strategy. Decide on whether you will be working alone or with someone. If you decide to work alone, then know that this will require a huge responsibility and a lot of effort. Working with another individual likewise has its pros and cons. Make sure that you weigh your options in order to come up with a sound decision.

Get hired. Customers will be calling in to inquire and eventually hire you for the job. It is important that you put effort in ensuring efficiency at the same time quality of your work. It pays to be service oriented and professional likewise. This will help build your name and allows these satisfied customers to refer you to their other friends. This also ensures that you have yet another break or summer to do painting jobs.

Working as a college house painter does require a lot of hard work. Getting this job not only allows you to earn extra money for school or for things that you would like to buy for yourself, but it also teaches you invaluable life experiences which you definitely will learn a lot from. 


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