How To Make Money Babysitting

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Babysitting is a full-time career. If you think about it, people have babies all the time so there’s a demand for good babysitters and there’s an economic opportunity opening up from this for you to get into. However, it takes more than just wanting it and earning money from it. Babysitting is a responsibility and a commitment. It’s more than dealing with a whiny child. It’s about taking care of a helpless human being. If you think you have what it takes to be a professional babysitter, here’s how you can make money off it.

  1. Be prepared. If this is your first foray into babysitting, get to know other people who are into it. Their advice and nuggets of wisdom will give you an insider’s POV about this job. Ditto, load up on babysitting handbooks for tertiary knowledge. To really make this into a professional career, take a course and get certified. This way, you can charge more.
  2. Do not take out an ad. This won’t help you land a babysitting job. This job is all about reputation and recommendation so announce your interest by tapping your circle of friends, your neighbors, and family relations. Once word is out that you’re up for a babysitting job, you will most definitely get that call.
  3. After getting a call from a prospective employer, the next thing you should be doing is to schedule an interview and request for a meeting with the family and ask of you can meet the child or children you’re supposed to baby sit. When the day of the interview comes, arrive on time with a notebook and pen so you can take down notes. During the course of the interview, discuss all your concerns and do not hesitate to ask questions. Jot down important details. You can also take advantage of this time to determine if you have chemistry with the parents of the child and their child. Try to be very observant and rely on your gut feel. If you have doubts in your mind, do not push it aside. It’s important that both sides (you and the family) are sold mutually on the idea.
  4. Discuss baby sitting fees. Negotiate and take your location into account. Babysitting fees vary from location to location, that is, the cost of living in small towns and big cities will determine how much you can charge. For example, in a large city you can charge as much as $20/hour and a maximum of $12/hour if you live and work as a babysitter in a small town. The bottom-line is that you can expect to be paid more if your clients can see that they are taking in someone who is responsible and committed to the job.
  5. Once you get hired, show up on the day that you agreed on, bring a book to pass the time and distract you from wanting to snooze.

Babysitting, though physically draining and tedious at times, is something that is rewarding. Aside from the monetary aspect of things, it will build your character and prepare you for bigger responsibilities like venturing out into your own nursery business or having a family of your own.

TIP: For enterprising people, baby sitting isn’t narrowed down to babies and young children. You can also baby sit senior citizens and pets.


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