How To Make Money by Transcribing Audio to Text

There have been numerous jobs becoming available in the community today. But mothers would prefer working at home so they can continue to give care and attention to their children. One of the online jobs that is easy to work into your hectic life is audio transcription, transcribing audio files and recordings into text. Here are the steps on how to get started.

Look for a client. This can be easily done by looking for sites or employers that offer this kind of job online. You may make use of if you're not certain on which websites you will visit for employment. However, if there are sites readily available, then you're good to go with the application process. These are some of the sites that provide transcription employment:

a.      Morningside Partners, LLC

b.      Express Document Services, Inc.

c.      Transcription 2000

d.      Transcription Services, Inc.

e.      Production Transcripts

Decide which transcription job you would want to work on. There are different kinds of transcription jobs online:  medical transcription, legal transcription, and general transcription. Usually, medical transcription requires certification and only those with medical backgrounds get hired. The easiest among the three is general transcription as this only requires the right equipment to use and your eligibility to transcribe audio to text.

Apply for your desired transcription job. After selecting the kind of transcription job and the company you would want to transcribe audio for, it's now time to submit your resume. There are some clients that do not require a resume but it's best to prepare an updated one just in case they'd ask for it.

Make a daily schedule for you to work on your transcription projects. Because clients set a date as to when they'd need the transcribed audio, it is best to work on the project everyday. If you work on it full time, then there's nothing to worry about. However, there are some who work part-time, and for them, they need to ensure that they set their daily schedule to meet the deadline. It is advisable to work on a project continuously everyday without any distraction; otherwise, you'd get to listen to the audio all over again without completing it. This is a waste of time, effort, and costs.

Begin working. Most transcription companies will provide you with files that contain the audios in .wav format. For these files to be transcribed, you have to make sure that you work on these projects in a quiet room where no distraction is present so you can concentrate on listening to the audios. There are companies who only send the files via email or FTP site so it's easy to work on this kind of project as it doesn't require a software that you need to install. However, there are some that require a software so all you need to do is to install it then start working on the assigned project. The software will serve as your working ground or template.

Get paid. Some companies will require you to keep a record of the time you spent working on the transcription project for them to pay you what's due. These companies that have this certain requirement keep track of the working time through the software that you need to install. For some companies, they pay per audio unit you transcribe.

Take note of the policies and rules that are set by the company you work for. Don't get attracted to the pay right away. It is best that you know that for all the work you do, you get equally paid.


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