How To Make Money with Face Painting

Face painting is a way to have fun, show off your talents and make people happy. For as long as there are events that permit artistic expression, there’ll always be a need for face painters. Make money out of something that’s both enjoyable and profitable.

  • Get a permit for face painting. Make your business legal by acquiring a business license. Ask your local government about the requirements for starting your face painting business. This is important, since there are different rules in different places.
  • Have the tools. Unless the tools are provided by your customers, you have to acquire the materials to be used in face painting. These are namely: non-toxic paint, non-irritating brushes, containers, clean water, sponges, towels, tables, chairs, designs, mirrors, a sketchpad, writing materials, and a sturdy tent. If you plan to have an office, you’ll need office equipment such as a telephone, computer, fax, printer, and others. Think about the things you need and make a checklist.
  • Have the talent. If you’re a beginner in face painting, have lots of practice first. Check out online face painting tutorials. Attend face painting workshops, or have somebody teach you how to do it. If you have the budget, hire face painters or people who can apply their painting skills to painting faces.
  • Look for places to be in. In informal settings with a lot of people, there may be some who intend to have their faces painted. Be present in public places such as parks, carnivals, and events such as parties, contests, concerts, and celebrations.  Call up organizations and schools and ask if you may participate in any events they have.
  • Advertise. Aside from displaying posters and signboards, advertise by painting the faces of models, friends or family, then letting them roam around to attract people’s attention. People are bound to ask where they had their faces painted. Instruct your helpers to lead them to your face painting booth or hand out calling cards.
  • Make your customers like you. Since you’ll be in close contact with your customers, having a pleasant attitude is very important. Be friendly and gentle, especially in handling children. When your customers are getting impatient while having their faces painted or waiting in line, give them a diversion such as toys to play with, magazines to read, or something to watch or listen to.  Assure them that the tools you are using are safe and clean. Teach them how to cleanly take off the paint afterwards.
  • Earn more. When more people know you and come to you, increase your prices gradually. Charge more for personalized designs, complex artwork, or additional colors and materials. Combine giveaways such as toys or souvenirs with face painting, then charge extra for these. Offer group discounts or referral discounts to encourage more customers to come to you.

Face painting is a bit challenging, especially if you have plenty of customers. Practice painting fast yet neatly. Divide the work among several painters to speed things up. Most importantly, enjoy what you’re doing. Creativity and artistry flow easily when you’re in a good mood.


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