How To Make More Money as a Waitress

Waitressing is not just any job. It may have been a last-resort job in the early days but that is gone now. Working as a waitress requires skills, talents and a knack for customer service. Today it is a whole new ballgame. Restaurants today provide opportunities to high school and college students to work part-time to gain experience, for pocket money and for school tuition or as an apprenticeship. They are provided with training, learning new skills and discovering their talents.

To get out of the norm, there are ways to earn more money as a waitress. All it takes is some investment in time and some patience, as this is a personal quest. Read the tips below.

  1. Greet each customer that enters the restaurant with a warm smile and a warm welcome. Lead them promptly to a vacant table.
  2. Introduce yourself politely when the customers have seated and maintain eye contact. Make sure that the table has complete cutlery that the diners will be using. If there are children along, hand out the menus for the children first.
  3. Know your restaurant’s menu and be ready to answer some questions the customers may have regarding some dishes. Know how long each dish takes to be prepared. If the dish that the customers order will take long to prepare, let the customers know that and upsell some side dishes that they can order while waiting for the main course. Some customers are allergic to some of the ingredients. If these are not mentioned in the menu, make sure that you point that out so that the customers know you looking out for their welfare and the restaurant’s as well. Take the time to sample your restaurant’s menu, too, so that you have a fair idea of what each dish tastes like.
  4. Know that wines that go with the main dishes.  Some people like to drink wine with their meals and know what to order, while others do not or they may want to try having some for the first time. Learn how to open a bottle of wine and how to pour it. Ask your customers if they would like for you to serve them some water if they will be drinking wine.
  5. Practice the art of memorizing. It will be impressive if you can memorize a table’s orders and not writing them down. You will need to practice this and assign your own codes to all the dishes in your menu to aid you in memorization. You should also repeat all the orders before you leave the table.
  6. Check each dish before you start serving them as it leaves the kitchen. Check that all the dishes are done exactly as you ordered them. The kitchen is a very busy place and some of your notations for special preparations may be overlooked. If something like this happens, let the customer know what happened and assure them that a new one will be prepared and delivered shortly.
  7. Maintain a neat and crisp appearance. Your uniform should be clean, tidy and ironed. Wear shoes that fit and are comfortable. Your clothes should fit you too. Your hair should be neatly trimmed and styled and kept clean in a bun or a pony tail. Keep your fingernails clean because female customers notice these things. If you need to, wear nail polish in neutral colors.

If it is allowed, add something to your uniform that will make you stand out among the rest. Make it something that you can wear every time you are on duty like a favorite character tie, a badge or button will make customers remember and identify you. If you gave them good service the first time, chances are they will ask for you again.


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